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Nepal Family Holidays

Nepal Family holidays are seen as an interval from the daily busy life where the members of the family spend quality of time either exploring places or going out for recreational activities. It is a break where members take off their time to experience an incredible adventure, good moments, and a journey filled with memories. In these modern days, people are busy with their work and the only time they get to spend time with each other is during the weekends and during holidays. Therefore, going on a trip allows them to have an adventurous journey among the members of the family as well as strengthen the bond among them.

Family holidays not only create memories but also gives you freedom and space to relax with your loved ones. More importantly, holidays even play a principal role in children’s development where a  young mind of the child gets to explore different new things as children learn through observation so they get to observe various aspects of nature during their trip. They even learn to grow peacefully in life. Also, family holidays bring different kinds of joy and refreshment for the older members of the family such as grandparents. They get to enjoy with their family and get a prosperous joy spending their earliest days with their loved ones.

Therefore, family holidays bring out the right moments where a member of a household gathers and takes off on an adventure creating memories and refreshing their minds with the one they loved.

Family Holidays in Nepal

Wondering where to spend your next family holidays? Searching for a place that brings out sustenance to your trip with your family? Looking to spend your holidays with the Himalayan Adventures, exotic wildlife viewing, exploration of culture and tradition? Then Nepal is the wisest family holiday destination for you. Nepal has always been a famous country for tourism. It is a place suitable for all groups of people, from the youngest ones to the elderly people. Nepal offers some of the best destinations which are best for refreshment, adventure, exploring as well as entertainment. It provides great opportunities for your family to learn about the cultural heritage of Nepal and explore the lifestyle of the people. Besides, you can even entertain yourself with adventurous activities such as rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc.

Family holidays are available in many tourism destinations of Nepal, such as Pokhara, Chitwan, Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Lumbini, Bandipur. You can go for the tour as well as a small trek with your family. However, some even want to go for recreational activities such as elephant ride, jungle walk, jeep drive. Children best enjoy these activities as it broadens their horizons of understanding. Also, some even want to go for adventure sports such as rafting, paragliding, etc. The geography and climatic condition of Nepal make this place suitable for visitors. Yearly, thousands of visitors make their way to Nepal with their family for plenty of fun activities, adventure, trek. These kinds of events will take away their stress and bring new sorts of refreshment.

 Apart from that, you can even have a close encounter with the highest peak in the world, MT. Everest with your family through Mountain flight. This short flight to Everest will be something to boost forever. You will not only experience scenic beauty but the bond with your family gets even more energetic and full of memories.

Family Tour in Nepal

Going on a trip with your family is something that everybody wishes for. Having a luxurious time with your offspring once in a while is still a wish for many who are busy with their daily schedules. So this instance, if you are wondering to have a marvelous tour with your youngster then you are heartily welcome to the country of Himalayas.

Therefore, all the trips featured in this category keep your family-pleasing balance of relaxation and adventure. 

Top five famous family tour destination in Nepal 

Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan tour

One of the most popular destinations of Nepal includes Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan tour. This is a tour package where you can explore the historical monuments of Kathmandu with the jaw-dropping natural scenery of Pokhara along with the jungle safari in Chitwan. Kathmandu tour takes you to the historical tour of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan Durbar square. This trip even offers you with a cultural tour to Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath temple. The tour to Kathmandu valley makes you aware of how the architectures of Nepal built such magnificent monuments that are listed under the category of the UNESCO world heritage list. Your tour to Kathmandu lets you explore the heritage sites that will leave you through the landmark of Nepal and the richness of Nepalese history.

However, your trip to Pokhara will take you to the best scenario where you can explore the world’s 8000m peaks. This tour will be refreshing for your family where you can enjoy boating at Phewa lake and Begnas lake. Pokhara is famous for its sunrise viewpoint at Sarangkot.  Early morning, the sun rays touch the peaks of the Himalayas which is worth watching. You can even enjoy live music in this city at night with your family. After Pokhara, your journey to another naturally rich city begins. Chitwan is famous for the national park and tharu culture and tradition. This city welcomes you with its tharu performance.

Besides, your children will get to explore some of the endangered species. Also, elephant riding is something that people with every age group enjoy. During your trip to Chitwan, you can do some recreational activities with your family such as elephant riding, jeep ride. This lets you explore Chitwan National Park, where animals are preserved and protected.

Therefore, it is one of the best trips where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Kathmandu Nagarkot tour 

This tour is another short tour, especially for those families who don’t have many days for holidays. Kathmandu has always been the principal city of attraction among tourists. It lies at the crossroads of the ancient advancement in Asia. Kathmandu lets you and your family explore the distinctive pagoda-roofed temples, old monasteries, and stone sculptures. From ancient places like Kathmandu Durbar square to the peculiar Pashupatinath temple, each is capable of giving rise to the pleasurable sensation as you walk along with these forms. These even let your children learn about the history and add knowledge to their impression.

Then the trip leads you to the next destination Nagarkot which is 32 km east of Kathmandu. Nagarkot offers you the spectacular sunrise view along with the Himalayas such as Annapurna, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, etc. Mostly, people spend the night at Nagarkot so that they don’t miss the breathtaking sunrise view that Nagarkot offers. Along with this, Nagarkot even offers you the slightest part of typical village life in Nepal. You can also observe people from different cultures and traditions in this village.  For those who want to hike, they can even make their way to a short hike from Changunarayan to Nagarkot. Therefore, this comfortable and short tour to Kathmandu and Nagarkot brings out joy, fun, happiness, and a journey full of memories among your family.

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

 Another smooth, short and refreshing journey suitable for a family group can be Ghorepani Poonhill Trek. If you are willing to have a short trek with your family during your holidays, then this will be the best trip for you. It is for those who have a desire to enjoy a beautiful mountain scenario in a leisurely walk with their friends and family. Ghorepani Poonhill trek is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. It is a place where one has to trek once in a lifetime for refreshment and entertainment. This trek offers you a hike through a beautiful village in Nepal and a panoramic mountain view.

This trek starts from Nayapul, which is one and half hour drive from Pokhara. You can spend your day exploring a beautiful city and make your way towards Ghorepani Poonhill Trek.  This trek passes through the delightful village of Ulleri, Ghorepani, and Ghandruk. It gives you access to one of the classic viewpoints of Annapurna Range. Following the ancient trails that connect the local neighborhood, this trek passes through the blooming rhododendron forest and paddy field. Your children love the scenario that this place offers. You can even enjoy taking photographs with your family, collecting memories of your trip. Besides, you will get access to panoramic views of peaks such as Dhauligiri, Nilgiri, Annapurna I, and Annapurna II from the viewpoint on Poonhill (3210m).

This spiritual place offers a majestic scenario, especially during sunrise, when the sun casts a golden light on the nearby peaks of the mountain. This is like a magic and most wonderful scene for anyone who is obsessed with nature and natural things. Besides, the local community of this area offers you the typical food and their culture and tradition, which makes your holiday more diverting. Therefore, Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is one of the most pleasurable treks that adds evocation to jour journeys with your family.

Everest Helicopter Tour

When considering the trip, how can someone miss the majestic view that the Himalayas of Nepal offers? Everest helicopter tour is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences in Nepal with the closest view of the highest peak of the world, Mt Everest. It is one of the most thrilling yet exhilarating adventures that can be enjoyed with family. It is a day trip from Kathmandu to Everest, landing at the Kala Pathar summit viewpoint (5460m). From there, one can eventually encounter the panoramic view of Himalayan peaks. 

The helicopter tour to Everest brings different kinds of fun and adventure towards your journey. Flying towards the majestic views of the Himalayas, the closest observation to the snow-capped mountains with their loved ones is still a dream for many peoples—the helicopter lands at Kala Patthar from where one can enjoy the closest view of Everest. Most people prefer to collect some memories by taking photographs with their families. Here, you can even catch a glimpse of Nuptse, Lhotse-Lola peaks beside Everest. Moreover, the view of a great block of ice and glaciers with the infamous Khumbu icefalls between the giant mountain is overwhelming to observe. However, you can even enjoy glorious views of dramatic landscapes, valley-green rolling hills with the farmland, and the rhododendron forest, which adds pleasure to your journey.

Therefore, It is a short, comfortable, and the best dramatic journey toward Everest where one can easily fall for the beauty of nature.

Kathmandu Lumbini tour 

Kathmandu and Lumbini is the tour that takes you to the cultural heritage in Nepal. Your trip starts with the full day sightseeing tour of Durbar square located at three significant districts inside the valley. Your journey even includes the historical temples, i.e., Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath, which is a primary source of attraction of Kathmandu valley. After exploring the valley, your journey towards the ancient place Lumbini begins.

 Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha(560 B.C), which is about 350km southwest of Kathmandu. In this tour, you can explore the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Besides, Lumbini is even famous for its stoned pillar named Ashoka erected by Indian emperor Ashoka in 245 B.C. Next is Maya Devi temple, which is dedicated to the mother of Lord Buddha- Maya Devi. The next destination for the visitors in Lumbini is Tilaurakot, which according to the archaeologists, is the actual capital of Kapilvastu, where Lord Buddha spent 29 years of his life as a prince.

 Lumbini is the holy place for the Buddhist pilgrimage with countless pagodas and monasteries. This place has several myths, such as a pond called Pushkarini pond near Maya Devi temple is said to be a place where the queen Maya Devi bathes and gives birth to Lord Buddha. Lumbini was declared as the fountain of world peace in 1998. This tour provides insight into the life of Lord Buddha and the rise of Buddhism. Therefore, Kathmandu and Lumbini tours provide slight episodes of ancient monuments, historical events, and heritage, which is a perfect package for a family to explore.

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