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Message from Managing Director

Welcome to Nepal, an ideal “Off the beaten track” destination, so distinctive from the rest of the world and for ease in journey, I have a reliable partner company which I have established myself 20 years ago, for the reason called “Passion”. Never knew how far I would come, or how far I have to go; yet the zeal to start something on my own in the field of travel and tour, helping people from all around the world see my country in a different way, I started off. I had my own set of sentiments and attachments with traveling. I would go on trips, a perfect vacation land, unspoiled, exotic and brimming with nature, and likewise the passion got shifted to the work I do. And that is how I gave life to my dream.

Today,with Himalayan Trekking Pvt. Ltd, I take travel lovers to places from highest mountains in the world to the mid hills, to serene lakes to dense forests, teeming with wildlife, to the best preserved home to culture, tradition, values in the world in the country in itself, the most diverse in the world for its size; which we call “HOME”. Traveling is/was never a phase in my life; it is the way I live/d. It feels like meditation; it feels like living. So, when people seek guidance with their travel, definitely safety comes first and so does the experience to us. An experience to live life to the fullest and seek purity in the adventure. A lifetime memories to take home to.


With over 1000s of visitors being guided to the Himalayas, through countries like Tibet, Lhasa to Kailash and Bhutan, the most popular destinations; we have grown bigger and better with each passing day, months, years. And we have always believed in getting Himalayan Trekking family greater with the love and respect we have been overshadowed with. We can never thank you all enough for relying on us for all of your traveling needs. Here is for the PASSION we share in common for Travel!

Jay Nepal!