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Bhaktapur Day Tour

Bhaktapur Day Tour takes you to the ancient temples and artifacts as you explore the culture of the city

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    Trip Duration 05 Hours

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    Max, Altitude 1350Meters

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    Type Tour

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    Best Season Every Month

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    Meals Not Included

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    Activity Sightseeing

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    Difficulty Easy


Bhaktapur is a charming small town some 12 kilometers away from Kathmandu. Bhaktapur Day Tour takes you to the ancient temples and artifacts as you explore the culture of the city. You will also get to visit Changu Narayan temple. It is the oldest temple in Nepal located just a few kilometers away from Bhaktapur.
Bhaktapur Day Tour grants a golden opportunity to witness the artistically and historically important buildings and monuments of Bhaktapur. Although Bhaktapur is much smaller than Kathmandu, it still has a much more traditional atmosphere attached to it. There are several things to do in Bhaktapur. The people, lifestyle, traditional houses, shops, and culture of this ancient city is remarkable.

Major sights worth visiting during Bhaktapur Day Tour are:

  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • Golden gate – the most beautiful and richly molded specimen of its kind in Nepal.
  • Nyataopole temple – the highest pagoda in Nepal, a five Storeyed temple signifying 5 basic elements.
  • 55 Windows Palace – an architectural marvel with amazing sculptural design and a balcony of fifty-five windows
  • Dattatreya – temple originally built in 1427 from the timber of a single tree.
  • Bhairab Nath Temple – another architectural masterpiece that you can’t afford to miss in Bhaktapur.
  • and a few old squares filled with temples and palaces.

After exploring this small town we continue our tour towards the village of Changu, surrounded by green paddy fields and open space. The Changu Narayan temples lie in the village and it is so old that it dates back from the 4th century AD.
The culture of Bhaktapur is inspired by ancient practices, traditional houses, and lifestyles. In fact, a short walk around this ancient city fills you with great joy and peace.
If you are willing to enjoy architecture and want to experience both the city and rural traditional way of life, then this trip is perfect for you.

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