Himalayan Trekking and Tours (P) Ltd | Reviews
Jones Smith

Journey of my Dream

I am overjoyed to give Himalayan Trekking and Tours the highest five-star rating they truly deserve. Their expertise and dedication to their work make them the top choice for trekking adventures in Nepal.

I am extremely grateful to Himalayan Trekking and Tours for creating an unforgettable journey to Everest Base Camp this 2023 for me. Their guidance and support made every moment special. They took care of my entire journey so well and versed. I learned so much about treks in general and also, the people’s way of living, culture, norms, values and festivals from Nepal. I am already looking forward to planning my next adventure with them! Thank you for everything!

Himalayan Trekking and Tours (P) Ltd | Reviews
Nichole Bark

Wonderful Annapurna Trek and Safari

Wonderful, Wonderful times me and my family had in Nepal. Our cultural tour in Kathmandu, thereafter trip to Chitwan, Pokhara and then our trek to Annapurna circuit, everything was seamless and perfect. Our guide was amazing, not just knowledgeable but also a treasure trove of captivating details about local life, traditions, and the stunning scenery around us. Such a gem of a person- always smiley and happy-go-lucky.

In tough times, our guide was like our guardian angel, always there to support us and my two kids. He made sure we were safe and comfortable throughout.

Himalayan Trekking and Tours’s attention to detail and dedication to making every moment special was truly impressive. You could see their 20+ years of experience in how flawlessly they organized the entire trek. Highly Recommended!

Himalayan Trekking and Tours (P) Ltd | Reviews
Dave Stephen Hooks

Best Team and Excellent Service

Trekking in Nepal was made hassle free and unforgettable by Himalayan Trekking and Tours. The service was outstanding, a testament to their 20+ years in the business. My trip to Manaslu was like walking to heaven- god! It’s beautiful that no words can express it!

Without hesitation, a five-star rating for an exceptional journey! My trip to Nepal was mesmerizingly beautiful!

Himalayan Trekking and Tours (P) Ltd | Reviews
Derrick Jognson

Journey of Lifetime

Incredible journey to Nepal! Our guide was an absolute gem—knowledgeable, supportive, and full of insights about the region. And not to forget- so so so friendly. We would laugh throughout the journey- making the trip easy! All thanks to him.

And for the company, Thanks a ton! Top-notch service! Five-star rating for Himalayan Trekking and Tours’ 20+ years of excellence

Himalayan Trekking and Tours (P) Ltd | Reviews
Maren Jensdatter

Excellent Service

Trekking through Nepal with Himalayan Trekking and Tours was a dream come true. Our guide, Babu Ji, was amazing. He not just led us on the trail but also shared so much about the local culture and the way of life up in the remote places in Nepal.. Babu ji made the journey come alive with his knowledge.

During tough times, our guide was always there for us, making sure we were safe and comfortable. His experience and preparedness made us feel secure.

The service from Himalayan Trekking and Tours was A one. They organized everything so well and took such good care of us. You can tell they’ve been doing this for a very long time and really know their stuff.

I can’t praise them enough and give them a solid five stars. They really made this trek a highlight of my life. I can’t wait to go back and explore more places with them! Thank you, Himalayan Trekking and Tours!