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Explore the Himalayas with the Best Trekking Company in Nepal

Welcome to Best Trekking Company in Nepal – Himalayan Trekking & Tours (P) Ltd., a distinguished travel company based in Nepal. Established in 2003, our company has been catering to the needs for outdoor adventure activities and has been defining the life-changing power of travel since its inception in 2003.

That is almost 20 years of adventure with travelers from all around the world, taking them to different enthralling destinations in Nepal and the Himalayas, with countless unforgettable moments to instill lifelong memories to take home, and changing the ways people view the country.

A Legacy of Adventure with the Best Trekking Company in Nepal

Himalayan Trekking & Tours (P) Ltd. is not just a travel company; it’s a legacy of adventure. We have always been committed to being there for our travelers—tourists from every corner of the world.

Our management team boasts extensive experience, which allows us to understand clients’ every requirement, deliver best travel packages and prepare itinerary accordingly.

Himalayan Trekking and Tours (P) Ltd | About Us

Expertise at Your Service

Himalayan Trekking & Tours is very fortunate to have some of the most talented and 100 percent committed teams of guiding professionals with a razor-sharp focus on quality. We are all working towards providing guests with excellent logistical preparation in this very field. All of our team members here have an average experience of 15 years at the senior and middle levels in the travel and trekking fields.

Additionally, our team’s skills are constantly upgraded through carefully selected top training programs in Nepal so that we are able to provide our guests with all the necessary details, precautionary steps, post-travel support, and everything one requires while on the journey.

Hence, all of our expeditions, trails, and treks are operated by well-trained guides who offer travelers adventures that are completed with quality, service, and safety at the forefront.

Government-authorized trekking Company in Nepal and Committed to Compliance

Himalayan Trekking & Tours (P) Ltd. is proud to be a government-authorized trekking agency in Nepal. We have diligently followed all necessary legal procedures and obtained the required licenses. This commitment to compliance ensures that your adventure with us is not only thrilling but also fully aligned with all regulatory requirements.

Our Core Values: Your Authentic Adventure

Our core values, mission, and philosophy revolve around creating authentic and sustainable travel experiences. We cater to adventure-craving travelers, offering them the best adventures in beautiful landscapes that the world has never seen before. We believe in changing the way people perceive their holiday time, and we live by our values every single day.

Sure, call us dreamers, but those values have been at the forefront of everything we have ever done and have helped us grow into one of the most loved adventure travel companies in Nepal.

We will be there, like we have always been.

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Website: www.himalayantrekking.com
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Join us on a journey where adventure knows no bounds, and let Himalayan Trekking & Tours (P) Ltd., the best trekking company in Nepal, be your gateway to an unforgettable experience.

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