Best Hiking Destinations in Kathmandu Valley

: 2023-07-03

Last Updated : 2023-09-02

Looking for Best Hiking Destinations in Kathmandu Valley and Are  you visiting Nepal for the first time and have a very short period of time to explore whole country? Do you still want to experience hiking in Nepal? If your answer is yes, probably you would like to explore Kathmandu valley then.
Nepal is best known for the popular treks like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit and more. But not everybody meets the requirements of these treks. Understandably, some have less time to stay, some can’t meet the physical fitness and some can’t afford. But these short hikes around Kathmandu valley can be accomplished by anyone. These hiking days offer a rich insight into the lives, history, culture, landscape, beautiful mountains and religion of the inhabitants. Following are the best hiking routes in and around Kathmandu.

Nagarkot to Changunarayan:

Nagarkot Day Tour– Nagarkot is popular hill station for visitors. It is growing more and more as a tourist hub around Kathmandu valley. Since, it’s not too far from the hustle and bustle life of valley; many Nepalese also love to visit this gorgeous place as a holiday destination. Watching the gorgeous Himalayas in the front and the fluffy clouds beneath is the magical aspect of this place. Also, very popular for sunrise and sunset, Nagarkot is an excellent place for overnight stays and hikes. The route to Changunarayan from Nagarkot is one of the easiest hiking trails in Kathmandu. The ancient temple; Changunarayan is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is situated in Bhaktapur. It takes about three hours to reach Changunarayan. Try this route for refreshment and easy hike.


Situated in the southern rim of the valley, a hike to Champadevi is certainly one of the nice trails. The hill is inhabited by the local Newari people of Kirtipur. The historical Kirtipur is one of the important parts of the valley. Providing some spectacular overviews of Kathmandu, hike to Champadevi is worth it for the first time visitors. Standing at the height of 2278 meters, Champadevi hill is a tranquil place to be in. The trail can be seen from Kirtipur. It takes only about three hours to reach the top. The topmost area is designated by a small stupa which is perfect for having lunch and rest.

Godavari to Phulchowki:

Phulchowki is one of the popular routes in Kathmandu valley. This hilltop stands at an elevation of 2762 meters which is the highest point in valley. It’s perfect for day hike near Kathmandu. The starting point is at Godavari. Godavari is mostly popular for the national Botanical Garden. After visiting the garden you can ascend up to the hill. The trail is quite rough as it is not pitched fully. The woods around here are mostly famous for variety of birds and butterflies. The topmost point is marked by a small temple of Lord Shiva and an army barracks. On reaching the top, one will be greeted by the splendid panorama of Nepalese Himalayas.



Shivapuri is a protected area in the northern rim of the valley. It is situated at the height of 2732 meters and covers a beautiful verdant wood area. The hike initiates from Sundarijal. The stream flowing through this area provides drinking water to a major portion of valley inhabitants. This fresh trail is a wonderful hiking zone. The oak forest is also a home to spotted dear, monkeys, jackal and of course, different birds. Hike this region and enjoy the panoramic views of Himalayas and the beautiful valley.



Nagarjun hill is believed to be a meditation spot for the Buddhist Sage Nagarjun. According to the ancient books, he visited the Kathmandu valley when it was still a huge lake and went to this hill for meditation. The caves can still be seen on the hillside where he meditated. This hill overlooks the famous stupa of Swayambhunath and provides a beautiful view of the whole valley. Starting about one kilometer from Balaju, the trail follows the road to Trishuli. This hike shall take five to six hours of walk. So, walk being prepared with lunch and drinks.

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