Best Tips for Nepal Tour Booking

: 2023-06-18

Last Updated : 2023-09-02

Nepal is a beautiful and wonderful place where God lives in every stone. a county where the Humans like Gautama Buddha was born, where World’s Highest peak Mt Everest lies. Not only this Nepal has been the homeland of the World highest peak but also home Land of the rare Species One Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger. Nepal Tour will be fantastic than you have ever imagined.  There will be adventurous activities like Trekking, Bunjee Jumping, Zip flyer, rafting, rock climbing and many exciting things. Thus, taking into account this, Himalayan trekking, your trekking and tour partner is going to give best tips for your Nepal Tour
Please take Best Tips for your Nepal Tour into consideration:-
Quick info
#Currency Type 
Always change Your currency into Nepalese Currency. It will be best if you take Nepalese currency with you during your Nepal tour.
#About Visa:
One can get the visa on arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport.  You can pay the Visa rate as per your tour plan in Nepal. To get Visa, You must show a valid Passport and one Passport-sized photo along with money to pay for the visa fee. Make sure that You have USD, pound, Euro or other validated currency in the list.
#Is Nepal Safety?
Talking about the safety in Nepal, Its safe place to visit for any solo travelers for women too. In 2071 Bs (2014) there was a major earthquake in Nepal but nowadays its completely safe visit. As there is no longer such a disaster happening. You can freely visit any corner of Nepal.
If You are Solo women thinking of having fun by trekking to Base Camp then I strongly recommend you not to go solo and do not take male guides. I advise you to go in a group with the company packages.
#Is Insurance essential?
Yes, it is essential that one must have insurance. the reason behind is that
If you wanna trek to Everest Base camp trek and other popular treks of Nepal, you don’t know what might happen So we recommend travel insurance to everyone.
#About Language
Although the majority of people of Nepal speak Nepali English is also Widely Spoken. With the growing tourism industry, if are know English then that will be sufficient. If you are unable then you can have personnel guide who can speak your native language.
#Trekking is awesome in Nepal
If you are having Nepal tour then do not hesitate to trek to trekking to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp trek.  These both base camp trek are most dominating treks of the World. So enjoy the greatest adventure in life by trekking.
#Festival in Nepal
Nepal is a wonderful combination of people who follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and others. There is harmony in people. There have never been religious riots in the country. Major festivals of Nepalese are Dasain Tihar, Holi, Maghe Sankranti, Buddha Purnima and many more. These festivals are celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm.
#Choose the best Season to visit Nepal
Whenever you are planning to visit Nepal then choosing the best season is a wise option. If you are coming to Nepal during the summer season(May to July) then you may be in Trouble as there will be rain and temperature will be so hot making day tour difficult to visit.
Best Time Will be August to December) as the temperature will be peace and calm. I recommend you to choose the winter season of Nepal to have the best tour in Nepal.
I hope You are satisfied with our Best tips for Nepal  Tour booking, If you have more questions to do then please call Himalayan trekking right now we are 24 hours ready for your services.
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