Everest Base Camp Trek Best Time of Year to Visit

: 2023-06-19

Last Updated : 2023-09-09

“””””””””Heaven is myth But Nepal is real.“”””””””””””””
Everest Base Camp trek is for those who want to be completely lost in Himalayan beauty specially the Mt. Everest(8848). Himalayan beauty and Himalayan people culture are differently from other. Talking about the Everest Base Camp trek, its really amazing and can be called a way to Heaven. Before going for the Everest Base Camp trek one has to be very careful as the Climate may not be your favor if you choose wrong season. There is dramatic changes in the temperature and rainfall. If you are smart enough you will choose the best season to trek.
Himalayantrekking.com will recommend all the EBC trekkers to pick up Nepali Season to enjoy the beauty of the Everest and Everest / Khumbu region. Therefore, this is the main reason why one needs to consider the weather before they plan to trek.

The EBC treks begins form the Lukla and its final point is the Kala Patthar( Everest Base Camp). As this region lies in the Himalayan region there will be extremely cold and adverse weather conditions. We are providing this detail so that you can have best trek experience in the Everest. Although, time from February to May is considered to be perfect time for trekking. Nevertheless, September to November is also taken as good time.

#Best Time of Year to trek- Everest Base Camp

#1. From February – May:
For Everest Base Camp trek, time from February to May is ideal time.  During these month,  there will be sometime snowfall but fortunately, the weather is most likely to be steady and arid at this time.
This season is best this is the  reason why many trekkers prefer this season. But remember that during this time the trek will be bit costlier then other time. You will find every hotel and tea houses all full of trekkers. This season grants chance for trekkers to conquer the daring and adventure to Everest. The scenery will be so mesmerizing and view of Everest and surrounding peaks will be astonishing. during this time. This is the main reason why people and trekking company prefer this season.
#2. September – November:
During these months days are colder than expected although the skies will be clear. Due to this reason, many people choose this time for World famous Everest Base Camp trek. It will be best to take warm clothes with you and proper trekking gears are also required. During this time, trekking via The Gokyo Lakes Trek to the Everest Base Camp is best route.
#3. December – January:
In these months, days and nights will be much more colder making EBC trek difficult. During these time, there will be heavy snow and unpredictable, Temperature may reach -30 degree. Thus, this time is not taken as best time for Everest Base camp trek.
#4. June – August:
During this season, there will be  heavy rain and storm. This is the most challenging time for Everest Base camp trek. The reason is that the trails will be Slippery, presence of leeches and the lack of mountain views why people do not prefer this  season for EBC trek.
By choosing the best time you can easily reach to the Kala Pathhar and have your best moments of life in the lap of Everest.
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