FAQs about Bhutan Tour

: 2023-06-18

Last Updated : 2023-09-02

Bhutan is probably the most unique and beautiful country of the world. It is the homeland for the Dragons also known as the Land of Thunder Dragons. You will be lured by the monasteries on cliffs, prayer wheels, Taktsang monastery (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), and many more of artistic beauty of Bhutan. Bhutan Tour is the most demanding tour that many people prefer in the World to see the beauty of the hidden kingdom of the Asia. Today through the blog, we are going to solve your problems and demanding FAQs about Bhutan Tour:

Know FAQs about Bhutan Tour:

#1. How to Enter the Kingdom of Bhutan??

People from other country unless you are resident of India, Bangladesh, or the Maldives need to obtain a visa to enter to Land of thunder Dragons(Bhutan). In the same manner, you have to choose tour operator or they will apply for a visa on your behalf online. Tourism Council of Bhutan will process the visa once all requirements are submitted.
Remember Cost for the visa is 40 dollars.

#2. How to go into the country whether Go by plane, by bus, or by car?

By Flight:-
There is only one International Airport in Bhutan that is Paro International Airport. Only way to Bhutan is this airport. Similarly, you can take direct flights are available from Bangkok, Thailand, Kathmandu, Nepal, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kolkata and Mumbai, India, and Singapore.
By Bus:-
If you want to travel on land then you can take flight to Kolkata and take Indian Governmental Bus that takes you to Phuentsholing, the second biggest town in Bhutan, which is near the border shared with Indian. These buses leaves the Kolkata at 7 PM every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You can take car to reach the Capital city of Bhutan from Phuentsholing.
These are the best ways to reach the Bhutan. Choose the modes of transport to get Wonderful land of Thunder Dragon.

#3. Best Dress as the weather

If you are going to Bhutan, then Dress is the first matter that you must consider. Talking about the weather,  Bhutan’s weather differs drastically from north to south. It is essential to bring light sweaters that you can layer with heavier outerwear as needed. Remember that always wear full body covering  clothes. Also, Prefer those tank tops and shorts at home, and opt for jeans, leggings, or long skirts with a blouse, cardigan, or light sweater. If you come to Bhutan from November to March, then you will have new feeling where weather can drop to -25 ℃. Have to bring best clothes that provides warmth to you body.

#4. Is Bhutan Tour Too Expensive?

No, Bhutan tour is not too expensive as you think of. It is average type of tour. Bhutan Government has allocated average cost per unit which they call Tourist Tariff and cost between 200 USD to 250 USD per day. This Tourist Tariff includes cost of

  1. accommodation in a 3-star hotel or in hotels where you want to stay,
  2. the tour guide,
  3. transport all over Bhutan,
  4. camping equipment, and a 65 USD royalty for the Government.

If you have want to have unlimited fun then come to visit Bhutan.
If you have any questions then please let us know. Hope these  FAQs about Bhutan Tour will really help you out.
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