Handful tips to visit Annapurna Base Camp trek in 2018

: 2023-06-18

Last Updated : 2023-09-16

You have Probably heard about the world’s Beautiful and wonderful mountain i.e. Mount Annapurna. This World’s Panoramic mountain lies in the Western part of Nepal, a Asian country. Nepal by its Name is best known as the Himalayan Country where 8 out of 10 world’s highest peak lies. As Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the synonyms to the most demanding adventurous trekking in the World. 
Many people around the globe renders to Nepal, so that they could experience the Beauty of the Mt. Annapurna. If you are mountain liver then Nepal is best destination for all kinds of Natural wonders. If you are thinking of experiencing adventurous trekking during Annapurna Base camp trek, then you must be well known to the tips.
Today with the help of this blog, Top trekking agency in Nepal is going to give handful Tips to visit Annapurna Base Camp Trek. 
Lets have a look over tips to visit Annapurna Base Camp Trek
1. Be Mentally prepare:
If you are cheering enough to experience the adventurous trekking then you must be mentally prepare for that. As During trekking, you must be able to walk , may feel the headache, altitude sickness and many more. For such consequence you must be prepare your mind for that.
Without mental preparation one can not enjoy the beauty of Mt. Annapurna and trekking.
2. Take the right trekking  Gear with you:
During the ABC trek, you need to know about the required trekking gears as

  • UV protection sun glasses,
  • waterproof pair of trekking boots,
  • warm clothes as jacket, sweaters, down jacket,
  • hat
  • water bottles,
  • kit bag  and take first aid materials with you too

You can bring these gear from your own country. Similarly,  you can buy from the shop in Thamel, Kathmandu ans well as in gear shop in Pokhara.
3. Drinking plenty of water is best choice
During the trekking, you have t walk at least 6-7 hours a day. As well as on the way, your body required plenty of water to stay away from dehydration.  Thus, while your are on trek, you must drink plenty of water to complete your trekking correctly. Another reason of drinking water high at mountain is that our body get dehydrated at faster rate than at sea level.
4. Be like Tortoise:
Why to be like a Tortoise? This must be wondering n your beautiful mind. Yeah this is essential during your trekking to Annapurna Base camp. Be like tortoise means that be slow and steady during the trek. this  is because you have to walk more than 8 days daily 6-8 hours. If you be like rabbit for only one day then you will find trek much more difficult on the other day. Thus, always be slow and steady during the trek.
5. Stay out of sunlight during days if possible
As you ascend higher, rays of sun is more contaminated with U. V lights. So during the trek on the sunny days  you body gets more about of UV radiations. Thus during the trek always wear sun glasses ans full sleeve clothes that protects you from sun rays. You can use sun protection cream on your face to avoid burnt.
6. Enjoy your holiday to fullest:
While you are vacation, primary goal is to enjoy, relax and learn New things in new environment. Thus, during the trek you will find interesting mountain vistas, local people’s culture and tradition. Is not it interesting? yes sure.
Hope these tips to visit Annapurna Base Camp trek will help you out to plan your trip to Nepal.
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