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: 2023-06-17

Last Updated : 2023-09-09

The country of the highest mountain of Earth “NEPAL”
The highest plateau on the planet “TIBET”
The last true Himalayan Kingdom a.k.a. the last Shangri-La in Asia “BHUTAN”
Come and take a step back in time to experience an eye-opening enriching journey into traditions and cultures untouched by the outside world until recently.
Geographically richer than any countries, these three landlocked but utmost beauty of the world are the must-visit places in your one and only life. These are also the main Himalayan regions of Southeast Asia.
Tibet and Bhutan are predominantly Buddhist in terms of religion as well as culture. Despite Nepal being the birth country of Buddha, only nine percent is Buddhist, with Hindu taking a leading role. Hence, this leads to a diverse and beautiful journey.
Located in the hills and foothills of the Himalayas, the natural scenery here in these countries are exceptionally different. In this era of high skyscrapers and artificial beauty, the places in these lands of heaven behold the beauty of pure natural remote landmass of the Himalayas at the roof of the world.
Nepal is a small green-clad beautiful country with geographically diverse wealth i.e. alluring green hills between snowcapped high mountains at the top and flat fertile land of Terai below with the capability to feed the whole Asia. The capital city, Kathmandu is an unforgettable melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist cultures whereas Bhaktapur and Patan will captivate you with its well preserved 15th-century architecture. Popularly known for as the ultimate trekking destination, the country will spellbind you with its colorful natural beauty.

The country of wonders, Tibet has the world-class glacier, lakes and other cold landscape resources which you have never seen before. Here in Tibet’s long forbidden capital city Lhasa which is 12,000 feet high, we get to tour the major monuments, including the legendary gold-roofed thousand room Potala Palace. Hiking up to ancient ridge-top monasteries and meeting a colorful array of people, from nomads to lamas delights in some of the most majestic scenery on earth. We also get to enjoy the enchanting valleys of Paro, Thimpu and Wangdu/Punakha. The country is also the home to Holy Mount Kailash and magnificent Mansarovar Lake.

The happiest country known in the world, Bhutan is the home of the artistic Buddhism influenced monasteries that holds the history of a century back. It treasures an aspect of life that you would love to live with. The secluded and remote nature of Bhutan has preserved its natural beauty and vibrant culture in its original state. The main attractions of this small Himalayan kingdom are the Shangri-La setting of the Paro Valley and the central Bhutanese town of Punakha, with its huge, spectacular monastery set by the river. The best season to travel Bhutan is from October to December as during this time, the sky is sunny and clear.

In addition, the internal flights within these countries enable an efficient itinerary that’s very hard to beat. The enchanting beauty one gets to see flying over Mt. Everest and the Himalaya Range between Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, any words of appreciation for this feeling would always be less for the beauty it possesses. The vertically raising layers of mountains along the series of valleys appear as a giant staircase leading to sky touching snow peaks.
The journey to explore these incomparable Himalayan countries is the lifetime opportunity no one should miss.

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