Nepal Bans Solo Mountain Climbers from 2018

: 2023-06-18

Last Updated : 2023-12-10

Nepal is famous for its highest peaks in the World. This peaceful country is also called the roof of the World. Many people around the globe come here to summit the highest peaks as Mt. Everest, Mt. Annapurna and other highest peaks. Nepal Bans Solo Mountain Climbers from 2018 major reason for this is considering the safety of the climbers, Nepal has banned solo climbers from scaling its mountains, including Mount Everest.
Nepal’s Tourism Secretary Maheswor Neupane explained that this law had been revised in order to make climbing safer reducing the number of deaths. More than 290 people have died while attempting to scale Mt. Everest.
Also Neupane said to The Kathmandu Post,”We have also adopted a strict provision to check the medical certificate of the climbers to determine whether they are physically fit to climb the mountains,”.
From 2018, mountain climbers will not alone climb the peaks but must climb with the expedition guide. Thinkung that guide will help the mountaineers to have safe expedition to the summit.  Similarly, people who are blind or a double amputee will not be able to climb at all or we can say that must have sound physique. There will be essentail of the A valid medical certificate those who want to reach the summit.
If you are thinking of coming to Nepal prepare yourself to cope with the high altitude of Nepalese Mountains and increase you cost of Climbing the Everest. Additional charges will be for the Porters( Carry your essential things as oxygen cylinder, bags, luggage etc) and for your guides.
Come with strong determination to summit the Zenith of the Mount Everest.
Hope this decision of the Government of Nepal will reach its hope of declining the number of deaths of the mountaineers.
There is no ban for the trekking:
Are you excited for the Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek and other base camps? Then there is great chance for you to solo trekking. Although Nepalese Government has not prohibit any solo base camp treks. Never take risk of loosing life as you worth more than trillions. Therefore take the preventive measure to have successful solo trekking in Nepal.

#Can I trek to Everest Base Camp trek or other base camp trek alone?

The answer is in BIG NOO. Because you may not be able to withstand the acute altitude sickness (AMS), may not know the routes and may not be familiar with the temperature of  Himalayas.
But  You could trek alone if you possess prior trekking experience in Nepal or on any part of world.  I strongly recommend to you that always trek with the professional trekking guides as safety comes first.
You can also visit to know how many trekkers went missing last year.
Taking professional guides will add your safety and improve your experience, knowledge and understanding about not only trekking and how to trek but also about the mountains of Nepal.
Do you think that Nepal Bans Solo Mountain Climbers from 2018 is best decision?  If yes then comment why
if No then, why please let us know?
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