The amazing experience of Paragliding in Nepal

: 2023-06-17

Last Updated : 2023-09-09

Paragliding in Nepal is the main attraction for the tourist in the world. It gives you an amazing experience of flying in the sky and observe panoramic views of nature. Furthermore, this activity gives you the opportunity to fly like an eagle and kite in the clear blue sky. Different paragliding places in Nepal give you the chance to enjoy wonderful views of the snow-capped mountain. Not to mention, forests filled with the different colors of flowers and a clear view of the blue sky is also on the table.
Pokhara, a major tourist hub, is a famous place for Paragliding. It has been 15 years that paragliding has been started in Pokhara. Moreover, paragliding is a sport that depends on the weather. Sarankot is the beginning point of paragliding which offers you panoramic views of Phewa lake, sunrise, and sunset at mountains and clear blue skies. Also, you do not need any prior experience to enjoy this sport. Qualified pilots will provide you with information and instruction about the Paragliding.

Table of Content

  • Places offering Paragliding in Nepal
  • Best Season for Paragliding in Nepal
  • Agencies that offer Paragliding in Nepal
  • Types of Paragliding in Nepal

Places offering Paragliding in Nepal

If you are willing to experience Paragliding in Nepal then you can visit places given below to fulfill your dream.

  1. Pokhara: Pokhara is one of the best paragliding places in Nepal. For instance, paragliding from Pokhara offers you beautiful views Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Devid Fall and many more.
  2. Chapakharka: Chapakharka is located at the high altitude of the Godawari area, Lalitpur district. Therefore, paragliding from the Chapakharka area offers you amazing views of Kathmandu city.
  3. Kot Danda: Kot Danda lies in near Bisankhunarayan than, Lalitpur District. Paragliding from Kot Danda offers you wonderful views of Kathmandu cities along with beautiful places of Lalitpur such as Godawari Area, SantiBan ( temple of Lord Buddha), Santaneshwor (temple of Lord Shiva) and many more
  4. Godawari: Godawari lies in Lalitpur district. Paragliding from the Godavari is the finest spot where the traveler can enjoy the natural beauty of the Kathmandu area with a clear blue sky.
  5. Nagarkot: The Nagarkot Paragliding ins newly discovered destination near of Kathmandu valley. If you have limited time and would like to experience the Paragliding in Nepal then Nagarkot is the best choice.
  6. Phulchowki: Phulchowki is known as the valley of the flower. Particularly, paragliding from the Phulchowki area offers you the gorgeous views of the highest green hills.


Best Season for Paragliding in Nepal:

Paragliding is an adventure sport that fully depends on weather conditions. However, Spring, summer, and autumn are the best season for this adventurous sport.
Again, any season is the best given the weather is reasonable and clear. In these seasons, paragliding offers you to enjoy the wonderful views of the mountain ranges, green hills, and natural beauty.

Agencies that offer Paragliding in Nepal:

There are many agencies that offer and organize paragliding here in Nepal. You can contact Himalayan Trekking company for this thrilling adventure booking.

Types of Paragliding in Nepal:

There are different types of paragliding. Some of them are as follow:

1. Tandem Flight Of Paragliding:

Tandem Paragliding means the travelers are given a separate seat with full protection in front of the pilot. Thus, they can sit and enjoy the flight without any fear. In this Tandem flight, you can fully enjoy the environment, take pictures and talk with the pilots.

2. Discovery Tandem flight

Flying in the sky, instructor guiding you and the gentle wind touching your face is what makes the discovery tandem flight. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view from the top in the sky. Discovery tandem flights make you explore the countryside, the green fields, hills, and lakes. If you want to have the little acrobatic before landing, you may enjoy that too.

3. Cross country tandem flight

If you want to fly freely without bound of the territory then cross-country flight is one of your best choices. Flying across the uncharted territory alongside birds and the gentle breeze of the wind as our partners can give you the best experience of the paragliding.

4. Expedition tandem flight

Got a resolution of flying in the sky, expedition tandem flight is the best to enjoy in a group fulfilling your wishes. Share a flying experience with the group, share the journey and fulfill your purpose.

5. Acro paragliding

Sharing the acrobatic moments in the air, rotating vertical over the middle of the glider as much as you want is the acro tandem of flight. Making airborne tricks and mid-air stunts can amaze every possible viewer.

Paragliding in this mountainous country of Nepal is full of adventures and best in the context of the world. From the wide variety of places to glide to different types of the paragliding makes the Nepali paragliding best destination to fly. Nepal provides the best paragliding source at a reasonable price. Get the amazing experience of the Paragliding in Nepal from Himalayan Trekking.
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