Things to remember while having Bhutan Tour

: 2023-06-18

Last Updated : 2023-09-02

Bhutan is the country of the Thunder Dragon and  best Known as the Buddhist Country. Due to its natural and cultural resources, it has been luring tourist allover the world. Bhutan is still preserving its old cultural and natural resources till date. There are many things that is surely going to lure  while you go to Bhutan Tour. Major attraction of Bhutan Tour are

  • Taktsang Monastery( Tiger Nest Monastery)
  • National Museum of Bhutan
  • Phuentsholing
  • Amo Chuu,
  • The Crocodile Breeding Center,
  • Chukha Hydrothermal Project,
  • The gate at the border (called Bhutan Gate)
  • Karbandi Monastery
  • Punakha Dzong and many more

Hope these will allure with their art, beauty and architecture. If you are thinking of  having Bhutan Tour then we are going to give Things to remember while having Bhutan Tour.

1. Best Time to Visit-

Bhutan is all around year tourist destination. Although best time to have Bhutan Tour are the spring (April to July), or autumn (September to November).  During these months the great National festival of the  Bhutanese People falls which is Tsechus Festival which is also known as the Festivals of Dance.  Int he same manner March and May are also best to have the Scenic scenes of the snow capped mountains and the blooming of the different flowers. So I recommend you to have visit during Spring and autumn

2. Is it essential to book your travel through an official tour operator?

The answer is Yes. why? Because The Bhutanese government only confirm the visa only through one of the hundreds of official tour operators governed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. You can find full  list of licensed operators Bhutanese Tourism council or can call the Tourism Council to confirm your tour’s validity. So, it is essential to book your travel through an official tour operator only.

3. Things to do in Bhutan

Being the country of the Thunder dragon and the  Country of the Himalayas, there are more things to discover. You can have the Adventures like rafting,  mountain climbing, rock climbing, and many more. You can have the hiking to the World Famous Tiger’s nest Monastery. Not only this , Bhutan is also famous for its conservation of its ancient art and architectures due to this reason you can have cultural and heritage study too.
Simiallry,best for  nature and wildlife lovers, chance to see the national animal of Bhutan – the Takin, Snow Leopards, Black Necked Cranes and even Tigers too. Also best chance to have taste of the traditional Bhutanese cuisine.

4. How do i select best Holiday packages for me for Tour in Bhutan?

you can find various of  tour packages that can cater your need of Bhutan Tour.
If you are newly married then you can choose Honeymoon/romantic tour packages to spend your time with your beloved ones.
On the other hand if you are travelling with your families then you will find other customized packages . Call us we will find best packages for you

5. Payment methods

In context of Bhutan, Your ATM or other cards will not work. Everything you will buy or pay will have to paid in Cash.
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