Things you must know while choosing Himalaya Trekking Nepal

: 2023-06-19

Last Updated : 2023-12-25

Nepal is paradise for trekkers because of its countless trekking routes and vast wild and balanced ecosystem. Because of this countless trekking routes trekking will be surely exciting. Trekking is the most thrilling adventure that you  going to face during the Himalaya Trekking. Thus, you must be very careful during the trail. During the trekking in Nepal, one may experience the Acute Mountain Sickness, may fall off the cliff or may lost the way. There is saying that “Prevention is better than cure”. Thus, considering this fact, Himalaya trekking is going to explain you about the  Things you must know while choosing Himalaya Trekking Nepal and consider before you embark on this wonderful adventure.
1. Taking a Guide and a Porter with you
Independent trekking can be fun but it can be dangerous for sometime. Taking a guide can be best option you will make as you will not know the route and climatic condition. The guide will explain in brief about the trekking routes and the important cultural and natural heritage, you will not miss important information on the way of trekking. guide/porter will help to minimize the risk that trekkers face during trekking and it will enhance your trekking experience. In the same manner, some religious place of Nepal are regions are banned to trek without a guide. Himalaya Trekking have experts team for hiring guides and porters. We can manage for a experienced guide for you.
2. Take Trekking Gear
Trekking gear helps you to minimize the difficulties and accidents  during the journey. When you are planning to trek higher that 3000 meters you must equip with the right tools as a good trekking boots, comfortable backpack and a suitable jacket and clothes for the season. Be plan the trip and go for the trekking and minimize risk for the weather to ruin your trip!
3. Drink Plenty of water:
While trekking, your body consumes more water than usual time.  Thus it is essential to make sure that you drink enough water during your trek to make for the loss of liquid in your body. Less consumption of water leads to many complications, among which the increase of the risk of altitude sickness. Avoid taking plastic water bottles, by carrying your own and try refilling it on the many safe water stations around the trekking areas.
4. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS):
AMS or altitude sickness causes due to lower level of oxygen  when one gets on higher altitude. This illness will be fatal in its higher stages and should be given proper care in proper time. If you are stepping forward with a steady pace, and short elevations (about 400 m a day), stay well hydrated and warm, eat a healthy diet and get proper rest and sleep, AMS should be no problem at all. Take Medicines like Diamox that makes the body quickly ready for higher altitudes, although they do have some side effects.

  1. Best choice will be to descend to a lower altitude,
  2. Drink plenty of soup
  3. rest once you get AMS

After taking proper rest you can go for hiking to a higher altitude, usually a hill with wonderful view, and stay in the same place that they stayed the night before.
5. Other must have items for a trek

  • First aid kit
  • Vitamins
  • Personal medications
  • Antibiotics for upper respiratory and stomach illness
  • Headlamp with extra bulb and batteries
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer and take plenty of it
  • Take Down jacket
  • Digital camera

These are the things that you need to follow or do before going to trekking. Himalaya provide best facilities for your comfort.
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