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: 2023-06-18

Last Updated : 2023-12-10

Kathmandu, Probably one of the major and World Famous city of Nepal. The capital city of Nepal is the gateway to this Himalayan country and well known as the city of the Temples. In Kathmandu there are more than thousands of temples. Comprising the World famous Pashupati nath Temple and Sowyembunath Temple, Budhanath Stupa all lies within the valley. Not only this, the Newari culture and tradition has greatly influenced the city.  As Kathmandu valley has carry the long history form the ancient Nepal to the Modern Nepal. Kathmandu Valley is rich in the art and architectural building and monuments.
let’s See the # Top places to visit in Kathmandu : Must Visit
#1. Kathmandu Durbar Square:
Kathmandu Durbar Square 3
Kathmandu Durbar Square is crucial attraction for the internal and external tourist. Hanuman-dhoka Durbar  ia another name of the Kathmandu Durbar Square. The square gained its name from when King Pratap Malla erected the statue of Hunuman at the entrance in 1672 A.D. Today’s 9 storeyed royal palace was constructed by King Prithvi Narayan shah<father of Greater Nepal> in 1770. The palace was built in pagoda style embellished with intricately wooden and metal carved exteriors. Most of the buildings dates back from 15th to 18th century. Other buildings to see around the square are Kumari (The Living Goddess) Gar”

  • “Kastha Mandap”Maru Ganesh,
  • Mahadev Temple,
  • Shiva Parvati Temple,
  • Bhagwati Temple,
  • Old palace,
  • Saraswoti temple,
  • Krishna Octangular Temple,
  • Big drums, Kal Bhairav, Jagannath Temple, and Taleju Temple

I hope you will enjoy moments at Kathmandu Durbar Square.
#2. Pasupatinath Temple
Pasupati Nath Temple 3
Pashupatinath Temple is the holy temple for the Hindu. Thus, thousands Hindu pilgrims come to this temple for worship.
While talking about the Pashupatinath temple comple,  main temple of Pashupatinath is a building with a bunk roof and a golden spire. This holy temple is located in Western bank of Bagmati river and  called as masterpiece of Hindu architecture. This temple is also one of the crucial attraction of the tourist. Note that only Hindu gets chance to enter the Temple.
#3. Swoyembunath Temple (The monkey Temple)

This Swoyembunath temple is major attraction for the Both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages. The main temple or stupa is   several shrines and temples surrounds the main stupa. Listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site, the top view from the temple is perfect place to observe the amazing ceremonies and practices of the pilgrims and to observe the view of the Kathmandu valley.
#4 Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa was constructed in  in the 14th century. The Boudhanath Stupa is the largest Buddhist stupa that lies in the Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal. Taken as the most sacred places for Buddhists.  The giant Buddha’s eyes on the top of the stupa and the colorful prayer flags make the stupa much more interesting and beautiful.
#5 Patan Dubar Square 
Patan Durbar Square 3
While talking about the Patan Durbar Square, it is one the artistically decorated  monuments and buildings. This is one of the place which you must miss during your Kathmandu visit.  The square is prefect example of the finest palaces and temples in whole country. The major attraction of the Patan Durbar Square are

  • Golden Temple that was built around 1400,
  • the octagonal Krishna temple, built in 1647)
  •  Shankar Narayan temple with two elephants at its entrance.
  • The famous Patan Museum

Never miss this wonderful place if you are visiting Kathmandu. This is major cause why, Himalayan Trekking choose Patan as Top places to visit in Kathmandu
#6 Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square 2 3
Bhatkatapur is the one of the oldest town of the Kathmandu Valley. This Durbar is well known for the variety and artistically orated temples. The most famous buildings of this square are
@55 window palace;- built during the reign of the Malla King Bhupatindra Malla who ruled from 1696 to 1722 AD.
Vatsala Temple
Vatsala Temple was the stone temple of goddess Vatsala Devi that included many carvings
Statue of Bhupatindra Malla
Act of worshipping by King Bhupatindra Malla  with artistically beautiful monuments.
Nyatapola Temple
Nyatapola in Newari language means five stories – the symbolic of five basic elements. It is the biggest and highest pagoda of Nepal ever built with such architectural perfection and artistic beauty.
Golden Gate
most beautiful and richly molded specimen of its kind in the entire world.
Bhutakapur is able to preserve its cultural and tradition till date due to this reason why many people prefer to go to Bhaktapur. That’s why it is in top places to visit in Kathmandu.
I hope that your Top places to visit in Kathmandu will really entertain you.
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