Top Things to do in Pokhara

: 2023-06-19

Last Updated : 2023-09-02

Pokhara, perhaps the most beautiful city and city of lakes. This wonderful city lies in the western region of Nepal. About 200 km from the Capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Beautiful snow capped white mountains have surrounded city making the city much more beautiful.  This city is famous not only in the country but also the world for  its unique culture and tradition and the natural beauty. You can observe many cultural and religious event happening in the famous city Pokhara offering you to  learn Nepalese culture and tradition.  Not only this you can also experience the thrilling experience as Paragliding, Mountain biking, boating, scenic mountain flight, and many more that you have never thought of. Today through this blog wee are going to discuss on the top things to do in Pokhara during Nepal Tour.

Now lets see Top Things to do in Pokhara:

#1. Boating

As Pokhara is known as the City of Beautiful lakes as Phewa lake, Begnas, Lake, Rupa lake andd other lakes. This vast availability of the lakes in the Pokhara city offer you the Boating chance on the crystal clear water. So this offer you to have recreation at the water of such wonderful lakes making amazing experience. You can see Image of Mount Fishtail floating on the Phewa lake which is million dollar experience as just to see the Mountain floating on the clear water of Phewa lake.  You can hire a boat and have enjoy as much as you want.

#2. Paragliding in Sarankot

Sarankot is the beautiful hill station about 8 km from the Pokhara City. You can observe the wonderful Sunset and Sunrise. Majaor attraction of this place is the beautiful picturesque of Pokhara city and wonderful Himalays on the south. But also Paragliding, the most amazing adventurous sports this adventure also you can experience here in  Sarankot.  To fly over the beautiful city observing beautiful is majestic experience, is not it?

#3. Fishing

If you are interested in Fishing then Pokhara’s lakes can be the best destination for you. If can buy or have rent a fishing rod and other essential instruments from the shops around lakeside then enjoy your hobby of catching fish.

#4. Sightseeing at Pokhara Valley

Pokhara city is the most popular city. Its better for sightseeing as from the beautiful lakes, from the Sarankot and this city is also the Gateway to the Annapurna Base Camp.
Devi’s Fall and the World peace Statue on the deep forest, caves as Mahendra Cave, Gupteswor Cave and Chamero (Bat) Cave will offer you to explore the hidden facts about the Pokhara Valley. In the Same manner, Lake side will offer extraordinary view of the beautiful lake Phewa and amazing boating experience.
I hope through this blog, you are inspired to visit and enjoy the top things to do in Pokhara.
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