Vipassana Meditation

: 2023-06-17

Last Updated : 2023-09-09

Vipassana  Meditation means to look at the things as they really are. This is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation which was rediscovered by Lord Gautama Buddha 2500 years ago. It’s been taught since that time till now through the relation of teacher and student.
This practical quintessence of the teaching of the Buddha is a practical, rational, scientific, non-sectarian and result-oriented technique to get peace in oneself. Practicing this down to earth meditation we learn how the mind and body keep influencing each other.

This very practice of Vipassana meditation helps lead one from the impurity of mind to purity of mind. This transformation in people changes them in wonderful ways. This is a pure science where we observe the interaction of mind and matter within. We examine how the mind keeps influencing our body, and how the body influences the mind as vice-versa.
By observing to the core with patience, one understands the true law of nature and starts gaining the power to overcome negativity and when one free from negativity, peace, and harmony fall on the way.

The world will be peaceful only when the people of the world are peaceful and happy. The change has to begin with each individual. If the jungle is withered and you want to restore it to life, you must water each tree of that jungle. If you want world peace, you ought to learn how to be peaceful yourself. Only then can you bring peace to the world. -S. N. Goenka

Joy and happiness are natural phenomena whereas the misery and sadness are the creation of our mind.
The misery is created by the impurity of the mind. Hence, to release the human race from this misery, Lord Buddha studies to remove the cause of this misery from the core and the answer he found was this technique of gaining control of our mind including the unconscious mind too.

Now this ancient tool to get rid of misery and to gain peace has spread worldwide and is learned in a systematic process within 10 days of course.
It is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results.No charges are taken for the courses. All expenses are met by donations from people who completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana and wish to give others the same opportunity to benefit.

About the course (in short)

These 10 days of the course will completely be different than the normal ones. One comes here leaving everything behind for 10 days including all the communicating sources like mobiles, reading and writing materials. Completely segregated from the so-called real life, one needs to enter a different zone maintaining noble silence. Noble Silence means silence of body, speech, and mind. This is necessary as one must feel they are working in isolation.
First three and half days, we are taught to meditate observing our breath and concentrating our mind at a small part of our body i.e. nose. This meditation is done by looking at our breath. One might question why breathing?? The answer to this is, “It is common to every human being and we all carry it with us wherever we go. It is always there constantly available from birth till death and it costs nothing.
As the Vipassana is all about what’s happening right now, the breathing is perfect to feel the things happening at present. At this very moment, we are breathing and all we need is to be aware of it and concentrate on it. During these days we become aware of the flow of air in and out, the sensation we have within the boundary of the nose.
On 4th day, we are introduced to Vipassana now. We are guided by S.N. Goenka to be aware of every sensation happening at the moment in our body. Every student has no compulsion to have the same experience. It varies from person to person. The main motive is to feel and observe what is happening at the very moment. This explains the noble silence part. As everybody experiences the different feeling, the comparison would be distracting. Hence the complete 9 days of silence and the feeling of working in isolation helps to gain the concentration better. And the joy of expressing oneself about this journey on the last day is beyond the bar.

 S.N. Goenka says,

“The thing that hurts you the most in life is your own untamed mind. The thing that can help you the most in life is a disciplined mind. When the wild mind is untamed, it can be very harmful. If we learn to tame our minds, then it can help us by reducing our suffering and misery.

Following are the fruitful benefits gained by one of the students who had completed the course recently:
He says:

  1. I found Vipassana meditation to be a tool. Like any tool, if you use it properly, it can be helpful. By scanning your body, paying attention to both slight and significant sensations, and observing instead of reacting to them, you can gain more mastery over your mind and a greater ability to focus, concentrate and exist in the moment instead of obsessing about the past or fantasizing about the future. Regardless of your religion or belief system, living in the present is a pretty cool thing.
  2. It was a powerful experience to objectively observe my mind and all of its crazy-making. By being stuck with it for hours, I noticed where my brain goes to escape from discomfort and how I avoid both emotional and physical pain. I learned more about how I cope by examining what I crave and try to avoid. I also learned that I can be in the suck and it, too, shall pass. It’s OK to feel sadness, anger, worry, pain, and suffering, just like it’s OK to experience pleasure, joy, and excitement, and that all of these feelings will ebb and flow. Nothing is permanent, and that’s life.
  3. I was able to reconnect with my body. By noticing and experiencing soft and gentle sensations on and in my body, from the feeling of my clothing to the air on my face, I recognized and appreciated subtle feelings again in addition to stronger ones. All are real, all are valid, and I don’t need to go chasing intense highs to feel something. I’m always feeling something, I just have to take the time and make the effort to notice it. As someone who has been disconnected from my body at times, this was a seemingly small achievement, but a very big one to me.

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