Where was Buddha Born

: 2023-06-17

Last Updated : 2023-09-09

Without a doubt, Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal. The famous gardens of Lumbini, which now is a popular and sacred pilgrimage place, was Buddha’s birthplace. The next time someone asks “Where was Buddha born?” you will be able to make them read this article to get the essential details about the birthplace of Buddha.
Being born in a luxurious lifestyle in 623 B.C., Prince Siddhartha Gautam soon enough realized that nothing, even money, and luxury, could provide enduring peace or happiness. He started observing old people and people with diseases. He witnessed people dying of sickness and old age. These events started concerning him about the meaning of life. Why do people grow old and eventually die? What makes them suffer from diseases? So many unanswered questions in his mind and he was determined to seek the answers.

There is no ultimate protection from suffering regardless of the wealth one possesses, not even for the son of King Suddhodana of the Shakya Dynasty and Queen Mayadevi. This made him embark on a deep search for truth and the nature of mind at the age of 29.
King Suddhodana was the King of Tilaurakot Kingdom. It is said that Prince Siddhartha’s mother, Queen Mayadevi, felt great pain on her way to Devdaha. As she was resting at Lumbini, by the puskarani sarobar, she gave birth to the prince while lying by the tree. The child was named ‘Siddhartha’ by Sage Asit, meaning ‘completely satisfied in the self’, quite contrary to his nature later in life.
Eventually, with meditation, he became enlightened as he achieved what he was looking for – state of unconditional happiness. He became fearless of concerning emotions, he became active and compassionate. He became ‘Buddha’ – one who has attained wisdom.

Lord Buddha and Buddhism

The founder of Buddhism and the light of Asia, Lord Buddha, realized true knowledge of life while meditating under a tree in Bodhgaya, India. Later, he went on to share his wisdom and knowledge throughout the Indian subcontinent for over 45 years. This is a reason behind the ongoing conflict of Buddha birth place. It’s true that his journey as an enlightened being started from Bodhgaya. Where was Buddha born though? The answer undisputedly is Lumbini, Nepal. True followers know that it is pointless to fight regarding this matter. Lord Buddha stands for peace and truth. Lumbini is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists and other religions and Bodhgaya is a sacred place for seeking nirvana.
He inspired his followers all his life and has been continuing to do so till this date. People run behind success, wealth, luxury, etc. and thus never seem to find inner peace whereas a rightful King gave up his luxuries to find ultimate peace. Thus, his life story itself is an inspiration to many. His teachings have been recorded in ‘Tripitaka’, collections of his sayings.
His teachings touched many lives. Lord Buddha had followers all over the world and one of them was the great Emperor Ashoka. It is said that Emperor Ashoka played a great role in spreading the messages of Buddha throughout the world. He became a Buddhist himself. His children carried Buddha’s messages across the world and contributed to making Buddhism the national religion. He honored the Buddhist Bhikshus on the national stage and constructed Bihars which led to a major rise of Buddhism across the Kingdom.

The Holy Site Where Buddha Was Born

Bordered by large monastic zone and ruins of ancient monasteries, lie the holy site where Buddha was born. The whole site has been prohibited for construction of shops, hotels, or restaurants. Separated into two zones: eastern and western monastic zone, only monasteries are allowed to be built in the holy site. It also embodies a sacred Bodhi tree, an ancient bathing pond, the Ashokan Pillar and of course, the Mayadevi Temple. Pilgrims from around the world are seen chanting and meditating at the site from early morning to early evening. Other places to visit around Lumbini include World Peace Pagoda, Myanmar Golden Temple, Lumbini Crane Sanctuary, etc.

Emperor Ashoka built a stone pillar, one of the 19 remaining pillars in today’s date, in Lumbini which is considered to be the oldest inscription found in Nepal. The stone pillar commemorates Ashoka’s visit to Buddha’s birthplace after he had converted to Buddhism. It stands next to the Mayadevi temple where Buddha was born.

How to Reach Buddha Birth Place

There are 2 ways to reach Lumbini. You can take a flight from Kathmandu and land at Bhairahawa Airport. A 27 km drive from the airport and you shall reach Lumbini. About 10 flights are scheduled to fly to Lumbini from Kathmandu. The Gautam Buddha Airport, now known as Bhairahawa Airport, is in the process to become an international airport of Nepal. This will give Lumbini and the birthplace of Buddha maximum exposure.
Another way to reach Lumbini is via road. You can rent a private car and reach your destination after driving 272 km through the Prithvi Highway. The journey takes about 8 hours. This option is quite comfortable as you can choose your start time and enjoy the road as you please. You may as well take a bus to Lumbini, which takes longer (about 9-10 hours). Air-conditioned tourist buses will take you to Lumbini with great comfort. They normally leave 7 am from Kathmandu.
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