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Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tours

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour is a lifetime experience in the magical and mysterious Himalayan regions. Lying near one another, the three Himalayan tourist destinations have their own intriguing highlights and encounters to offer. 


Tibet, residing on the top of the world, flaunts magical natural views of the majestic Himalayas to turquoise lakes, and a universe of palatial Buddhist religious monasteries. Nepal, is popular as a trekker paradise, is the home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains. While in Bhutan, the last Shangri-La in Asia, one can without a doubt feel harmony and quiet by its pleasant peaceful scene and traditional Buddhist culture.


The flight towards Paro from Kathmandu offers the spectacular bird’s eye view of the majestic Himalayan Range. This awesome Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour is the ideal way to appreciate the best of these three Himalayan nations.


While the mystery and magic surround Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, these nations boast the Himalayan ranges that excite every visitor.  Furthermore, the peaceful Buddhist vibes emerge from the breathtaking Buddhist architectures and devout pilgrims. There are the most joyful people living incongruity with nature in the three major holy lands. An excursion to any of them appeals to everyone. Similarly, Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour will offer you a perpetually captivating trip. Whether you like off-the-beaten-track monasteries, cultural encounters, incredible natural scenery, overland trips, or outdoor adventures, a Himalaya trip gives a chance to understand your desire and leave you a lifetime-long memory. 


During your Tibet tour, you can carry out a personal visit to Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, and Jokhang Temple. Additionally, you can also wonder about the incredible landscape on your street before appreciating the perfect vistas of Mount Everest. Likewise, while traveling to Nepal, the medieval architecture in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur makes your trip extraordinary. Likewise, the pleasant Pokhara exemplifies the charm of the Himalayas. Whereas, on your visit to Bhutan popular as the Last Shangri-La, you can see red-robed priests meandering on an ocean of purple petals.


How to Enter Tibet From Nepal


There are two possibilities to enter Tibet from Nepal. They are with the means of flight and overland. Due to many cheap direct international flights to Kathmandu, most of the tourists find it convenient to enter Tibet through flight than to enter Tibet via land. 


By Air:

Currently, Nepal has three airlines that board direct flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa. But the major attraction of flying to Tibet from Nepal is the dazzling birds-eye perspective on the Himalayas including the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest. And this awesome flight takes around 90 minutes to reach Lhasa from Kathmandu.


By Road:
Some of the tourists travel to Tibet via overland. So if you want to travel Tibet with means of land then you can enter Tibet through Kerung, Kodari, and Simikot borders. While Kerung border is 4hours from Kathmandu. Whereas, the Kerung border is just 3 hours from Kathmandu. But the Simikot border is generally used by explorers wishing to visit Kailash. 


How to Get Tibet Travel Visa From Nepal


Entering Tibet from Nepal requires a Group Visa, regardless of whether you have a Chinese visa or not. Group Visa is an A4 size piece of paper, with all individuals of the tour and their passport number, date of birth, and the profession. Likewise, the paper also mentions the date of entry and exit. Normally, the visa is valid throughout the trip you are carrying out, however you can extend it for a few additional days.


As per the Chinese immigration regulation, tourists who enter Tibet from Nepal need to apply for both China Group Tourist Visa and Tibet Visa (additionally popular as Tibet Travel Permit). To acquire both travel documents, individual tourists can just get them through a Local Travel Agency of Nepal.


Though, for travelers from Visa-Free nations, they don’t need to apply for any kind of Chinese visa (including group visa). But they also require the Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet.


Documents for group visa:


Valid Passport and Scan Copies of Passport: 

A valid passport is mandatory to apply for the group visa in Nepal. Furthermore, travelers additionally need to have scan copies of passport for multiple purposes. As the Tibet Travel permit also requires some of the copies of the passport. 


Tibet Invitation Letter from Tibet Tourism Bureau. 

Tibet Tourism Bureau issues the Tibet Invitation Letter. After you book our visit administration tour service and the tour package we will now use the scan copies of your passport and make preparations for your Tibet Invitation Letter from Tibet Tourism Bureau upon your approval. 


Visa Application Form and Passport-size Photos
The recent photograph must be 48mmX33mm with white background and without the cap. Candidates don’t have to go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu in person. We will carry out all the procedures after you provide us the necessary documents.

When is The Best Time to Visit Tibet


Autumn (April-October) is the ideal time to travel to Tibet as you can get the best scene and appreciate a comfortable climate. The brilliant time for traveling Tibet is in August and September. Actually, it is appropriate to visit Tibet the entire year around as you can visit the various regions in various seasons. For example, you can visit Nyingchi in spring, visit Mount Everest in summer, and explore Lhasa in winter. 



Tibet’s spring lasts from March to May. In spring, most sightseers travel to Shannan, Shigatse, Lhasa, and Nyingchi prefectures. There are loads of visitors to Nyingchi to see the peach bloom. These prefectures are reasonable for a visit lasting throughout the year. In spring, the temperature of Lhasa around evening time could tumble to – 2-degree celsius to -3 degree celsius. While in the daytime, the temperature will ascend to 10 degrees celsius. The atmosphere in Nyingchi is milder in spring and the air isn’t so dry. 



Summer in Tibet lasts from June to August. The sky is blue and the mists are white, and the temperature is moderate. The sun is consuming, yet the body is comfortable. This sentence appears to be opposing, yet it is a genuine impression of the atmosphere in Tibet. The sun is surely incredible, yet as the air is dry. Therefore more tourists choose Summer to travel to Tibet.



September to November falls under the autumn season in Tibet. The autumn is like a fantasy universe of Tibet. Numerous tourists pick to travel to Tibet in Autumn. The days in autumn are with blue skies, little downpour, and increasingly more dry air. Morning and night are with marginally lower temperatures and there is enormous temperature contrast among day and night. So please carry out thick and warm clothes,  and don’t catch a cold. Tibet’s autumn likewise has a solid ultraviolet ray. In October, the climate will be much the same as the climate in winter. High wind is fundamentally disseminating at Nagri, Nagqu, and Chamdo. 



Winter in Tibet last from (March-May). This season isn’t as cold as you might suspect, as the high elevation and a lot of daylight during the day carries the temperature to over 10 degrees celsius. While the evening is around zero, hotter than numerous spots in north China. The atmosphere is dry and you don’t feel cold under the daylight, but comfortable. 


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How to Enter Bhutan From Nepal


There are two different ways to enter the kingdom of Bhutan. You can either take a flight or take roadways to enter Bhutan. Bhutan is a landlocked country so you can’t enter Bhutan through seaways.


By Air 

Flying is the most effortless medium to enter Bhutan. Druk Air: the national carrier of Bhutan offers different departures from various Asian nations to Bhutan. The flight lands at the Paro International Airport (PBH), and it is the only international airport in Bhutan. Likewise, it is the most beautiful airport in the world. 


By Roadway

Nepal doesn’t share any border point with Bhutan. Therefore entering Bhutan through Nepal via roadways requires crossing the Indian border point with Bhutan. If you are traveling from the west then you may enter from Phuntsholing. But if you are traveling from the center region then you may enter from Gelephu. Similarly, if you are traveling from the east part then you may enter from Samdrup Jongkhar. The Airport at the Indian town of Bagdora lies within a 4 hours’ drive from Bhutan’s Border at Phuntsholing. The border point at Phuntsholing would serve you better in case you’re visiting through Sikkim, West Bengal of India or Kakarbhitta of Nepal. You can just exit through Samdrup Jongkhar in southeast Bhutan to Guwahati in India. Despite the fact that Bhutan imparts its border to Tibet, but one can’t enter Tibet from Bhutan.


When is the Best Time to Visit Bhutan


The kingdom of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan lies in south Asia among China and India. The atmosphere and climate change as per the elevation, season, and destination of Bhutan. Normally Bhutan is open throughout the year for the guests yet it is smarter to make arrangements according to your preferences and the nature of the visit. 


The perfect opportunity to visit Bhutan is spring (March-May) and Autumn(September-November). These are the ideal times to visit Bhutan to get the most extreme and hassle-free experience. Summer and winter additionally have their own claims to fame that could draw the attention of travelers during these seasons. Throughout the spring the climate, for the most part, stays clear and the atmosphere is awesome. It is likewise the best opportunity for nature lovers to visit Bhutan during Autumn to encounter the excellence of nature. Similarly, varieties of flowers and plants blossom in this season which makes your experience a fascinating one. The trail route opens for Jomolhari and Druk Path Trek from mid-April to May. 


March-May (Spring Season): March to May is the perfect chance to visit The lofty Land of Himalayas as it is the Spring season and the climate is clear and the temperature is charming. The flower begins to blossom in the Valleys offering the astounding view. Likewise, one can observe the Paro Tshechu Festival which is commended in Paro in the month of April.


June – August ( Summer Season): The temperature begins to rise from the end of May and on the other hand could get tricky because of the early arrival of monsoon. While the rainy season isn’t favorable for trekking however you can carry out the sightseeing. The rain showers occur around the evening time without ruining the daytime. In any case if you are planning to visit during this period, then it is advisable to carry a raincoat. The clear and beautiful view of the open blue sky after the rain is something that gets your attention with its hypnotizing magnificence. 


Autumn (September to November) is another reasonable and best time to visit Bhutan in the wake of Spring. This period is perfect for traveling while at the same time getting a tremendous perspective enjoying a wonderful temperature. The days are warm however the evenings and morning are cooler. Bhutan commends the Thimphu Tshechu and Black Necked Crane Festival during this period. During the month of October the valley transforms into a shade of gold as the farmers get ready to collect their rice crops.


December- February (Winter Season): December to February is the coldest month in Bhutan as it is the winter season. So just barely any guests set out to visit the kingdom of Thunder Dragon during this period. Anyway, the clear skies and the panoramic view of majestic Himalayas reward the visitors.


How to get Bhutan visa from Nepal

The residents of Bangladesh, Maldives, and India don’t need VISA to enter Bhutan. Individuals from different nations with the exception of Bangladesh, Maldives, and India need a VISA to enter Bhutan. The VISA preparation for Bhutan requires a clear color copy of the passport by means of email. The validity of the passport must be at least 6 months. The scan copy ought to be sent to by means of email in JPEG or PDF design. The visa number and image of the candidate ought to be visible in the e-document. 


The visa application processing should be done 10 days prior to the date of entering Bhutan. The travel council of Bhutan now issues a VISA clearance letter and fax or email it to the local travel agent. Please remember that Bhutan doesn’t offer VISA services, visitors need to purchase a full-service package through the local tour operator. Visitors traveling via air requires to carry a VISA clearance copy at the hour of check-in for Druk Air flight. While the visitors traveling through the land by the border of Phuentsholing or Samdrup Jongkhar require to carry a VISA clearance letter at the immigration center. The original visa of yours is stamped on your arrival to Bhutan.


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