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Welcome to the place that is known for Himalayas, and the birthplace of Lord Buddha Nepal. A place of such significance yet so small. Tiny, yet filled with mysteries and grand history encapsulated in the magnificent myths of this marvelous part of the world set against the astounding backdrop of the world’s most astounding summits where two extraordinary customs Hinduism and Buddhism are praised next to each other.
Nepal is the heaven country where one can get all the peace whether it is physical or spiritual peace. One must have Nepal Tour so that they can achieve the high level of satisfaction. Nepal is the home land of the World highest mountain Mount Everest, and birthplace of the Lord Gautam Buddha known as the light of Asia but has spread the love and peace of people all over the World.
Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Nepal that many people prefer when they are visiting Himalayan Country. The travelers choose how many days to spend in Nepal while they are in Nepal.The proud moment for the people all lover the world is that they get the chance to trek in the land where the highest mountain in the World and the holy place like Lumbini for Hindu and Buddhist located.