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Everest Flight

The Mount Everest Flight starts early in the morning from Kathmandu Airport. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel and takes you all the way to the Tribhuwan International Airport where the jets will be waiting for your arrival

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    Trip Duration 01 hour

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    Max, Altitude 1350Meters

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    Best Season Sept - May

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Welcome to the breathtaking world of Everest Flight by Plane, where adventure meets stunning natural beauty at 30,000 feet. This exceptional experience takes you on a journey to witness the majesty of Mount Everest and its neighboring peaks in a way few have dared to dream. 

Everest Flight is an extraordinary aerial experience to check out the mountains of Nepal, flying through the clouds to witness the highest point on Earth from a unique and privileged perspective. 

From booking your seat to the exhilarating moments in the sky, fasten your seatbelt as we navigate through the details that make Everest Flight an unforgettable adventure. 

Get ready to leave behind the ordinary and explore the extraordinary as we dive into the magic of Everest from the comfort of an expertly guided plane.


The Everest Flight Summary

The Everest Flight by plane offers a spellbinding aerial journey. And it feels like heaven in the sky. Through the towering peaks of the Himalayas, Mount Everest, standing as the crown jewel, leaves you stunned! This unique adventure provides a luxurious and convenient alternative to trekking, making it accessible to individuals of all ages. From the youngest to the elderly, everyone can opt for this extraordinary journey, soaring high above the world’s highest peaks.

The experience begins with a seamless booking process, ensuring that passengers are well-prepared for the breathtaking journey ahead. Once aboard, the flight takes you on a mesmerizing route, offering unobstructed views of the majestic Himalayan giants like never before. 

With seasoned and knowledgeable crew members guiding the way, passengers can enjoy the beauty of the landscape without the need for physical exertion.

Photography enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to capture the glorious moments, from the play of sunlight on the peaks to the ethereal landscapes above the clouds. The flight lasts approximately one hour, providing ample time to soak in the grandeur and capture memories that last a lifetime.

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or someone seeking a taste of the extraordinary, the Everest Flight by plane promises an experience that surpasses the ordinary and introduces you to the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas.


Why choose a flight over the Himalayas?

Flight over the Himalayas is not just a journey; it is an exceptional adventure that offers a perspective on these majestic peaks unlike any other. One of the primary reasons to choose a flight is the breathtaking panoramic views it provides. The vastness of the Himalayan range, with its iconic peaks like Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu, unfolds before your eyes, creating a visual spectacle that simply cannot be matched on the ground.

The aerial perspective allows you to witness the sheer scale of these towering mountains, providing a profound appreciation for the natural wonders that grace the Earth.

Flight over the Himalayas offers a level of accessibility and convenience that trekking or other means cannot provide. It is an opportunity for individuals of various ages and physical abilities to experience the beauty of the Himalayas without the challenges of hardship on the trek. 


Highlights of Everest Flight

The Everest Mountain Flight is a journey into the heart of the Himalayas, offering an unreal feeling when one holds the sights of many mountains from a bird eye view. 

 A few highlights of the Everest Flight are:

  1. Panoramic Views of the Himalayan Giants:
    The flight provides matchless views of some of the world’s highest peaks, including the iconic Mount Everest. Be filled with amazement at the majesty of these mighty mountains as they stretch across the horizon, creating a panorama that is nothing short of breathtaking.
  2. Sunrise Splendor:
    Timing is everything, and an early morning Everest Mountain Flight rewards you with a front-row seat to a Himalayan sunrise. Watch as the first rays of sunlight light up the peaks, casting a warm glow that transforms the snow-capped summits into a mesmerizing display of colors- a breadth-taking sight to behold!
  3. Close Encounters with Legendary Peaks:
    Pass over through the clouds and witness the sheer proximity to legendary peaks like Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam. The close connection with these mountains provides a sense of scale and grandeur that cannot be fully grasped from the ground.
  4. Expert Commentary:
    Many operators enhance the experience with expert commentary from seasoned pilots. Gain valuable insights into the geological formations, cultural significance, and mountaineering history of the region, adding a layer of educational enrichment to your journey.
  5. Unforgettable photography opportunities:
    Capture moments that will last a lifetime with matchless photography opportunities. From the reflective glint of snow in the morning light to the dramatic play of shadows on the rugged terrain, every frame is a masterpiece waiting to be immortalized.
  6. Comfort and Safety:
    Experience the thrill of flying in comfort and safety. Reputable operators prioritize the well-being of their passengers, ensuring a smooth and secure journey amidst the challenging Himalayan terrain.
  7. Unique Perspective of Sagarmatha National Park:
    The Everest Flight offers a unique aerial perspective of Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Witness the pristine beauty of the park, which is characterized by deep valleys, glaciers, and an array of wildlife.

In summary, the Everest Mountain Flight is a symphony of natural wonders, offering an extraordinary experience of adventure, education, and visual splendor. It is a journey that surpasses the ordinary and leaves footprints in hearts.


When to Experience the Everest Flight

Choosing the right time for your Everest Mountain Flight is crucial to ensuring that you have the best visibility and a truly unforgettable experience. The best months for this breadth-taking journey are during the spring and autumn seasons.

Spring (March to May):

One of the prime times to go on an Everest Mountain Flight is during the spring months. This season brings clear skies, offering unobstructed views of the majestic Himalayan peaks. As the weather begins to warm, the snow on the mountains starts to melt, creating a stunning landscape with vibrant colors. The blossoming rhododendron flowers throughout the trail add a touch of beauty to the surrounding hills. It actually enhances the overall visual spectacle- making it look unreal!

Autumn (September to November):

Another ideal time to take the Everest Mountain Flight is during the autumn months. This time of the year is characterized by stable weather conditions and, most importantly-clear visibility. While the monsoon rains have subsided, they leave behind crisp and refreshing air. The skies are generally free from clouds, providing an excellent opportunity to witness the towering peaks, including the iconic Mount Everest, in all their glory.

The autumn months also offer a unique chance to observe the cultural festivities of the region, adding an extra layer of richness to your journey.

While these seasons are considered the best time of the year, it is essential to check the weather forecast closer to your planned date of travel. Weather conditions in the Himalayas can be unpredictable, and staying informed will make sure that you make the most of your Everest Mountain Flight, enjoying every moment of this extraordinary adventure.


Essentials for Your Everest Flight

Heading on an Everest Flight is a thrilling adventure, and proper preparation ensures you make the most of this extraordinary experience. 

Here is a comprehensive list of essentials to take with you:

  1. Camera and binoculars:
  • Capture every moment of the breathtaking scenery with a high-quality camera.
  • Binoculars enhance your ability to appreciate the little details of the Himalayan landscape.
  1. Warm clothing:
  • Dress in layers to adapt to changing temperatures during the flight.
  • A warm jacket, hat, and gloves are essential, especially during the early morning flights.
  1. Sunglasses:
  • Protect your eyes from the intense mountain sun glare with polarized sunglasses.
  1. Sunscreen:
  • Apply a high SPF sunscreen to shield your skin from the strong UV rays at higher altitudes.
  1. Comfortable Footwear:
  • Opt for comfortable shoes suitable for walking, as you may explore the area.
  1. Valid Identification:
  • Carry a government-issued ID, as it is required for security checks before boarding.
  1. Fully Charged Electronics:
  • Ensure your camera and other electronic devices are fully charged to capture the entire journey.
  1. Snacks and Water:
  • Pack light snacks to keep your energy levels up during the flight.
  • Stay hydrated with water, as the high altitude can lead to increased fluid loss.
  1. Motion sickness medication:
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, consider taking medication before the flight.
  1. Flight Tickets and Necessary Documents:
  • Carry printed or electronic copies of your flight tickets and any required permits.
  1. Positive Attitude:
  • Approach the experience with a positive mindset, ready to absorb the beauty and grandeur of the Himalayas.
  1. Patience:
  • Flights are weather-dependent, so be prepared for potential delays. Patience ensures a more enjoyable journey.

By packing these essentials and preparing for the unique conditions of the Himalayas, you will be well-equipped for an Everest Mountain Flight that leaves you with lasting memories of the world’s highest peaks.


Everest Flight Operators in Nepal

Nepal, which lies in the heart of the Himalayas, tempts adventure seekers with the opportunity to head on a thrilling mountain flight, offering matchless views of the world’s highest peaks. 

Several reputable operators in Nepal specialize in these astonishing journeys, providing a unique perspective of the majestic Himalayan range. 

Here is an in-depth exploration of some distinguished mountain flight operators:

Yeti Airlines:

Yeti Airlines stands as a dedicated name in the Nepalese aviation industry. It is renowned for its unwavering commitment to safety and reliability. Yeti Airlines offers mountain flights that are a visual feast for nature enthusiasts. Passengers can expect panoramic views, including the iconic Mount Everest, as they take off through the Himalayan skies.

Buddha Air:

Buddha Air, a prominent name in domestic aviation, is celebrated for its exceptional service standards. Their mountain flights go beyond showcasing Mount Everest, providing passengers with a comprehensive tour of the entire Himalayan panorama. With experienced pilots, Buddha Air ensures a memorable and safe journey.

Simrik Airlines:

Simrik Airlines epitomizes excellence in the aviation sector. Specializing in mountain flights, Simrik Airlines offers a close encounter with the Himalayan giants. Passengers can expect a visual spectacle as they traverse the breathtaking landscape, capturing moments that linger in their memories for a long time.

Shree Airlines:

Shree Airlines, known for its professionalism, boasts a fleet equipped for the unique challenges of mountain flights. With experienced pilots, Shree Airlines ensures passengers a safe and the best of journeys over the Himalayan expanse.

Saurya Airlines:

Saurya Airlines, dedicated to passenger comfort and safety, presents mountain flights that allow travelers to witness the majesty of the Himalayas. Skilled pilots ensure a smooth journey as passengers revel in the grandeur unfolding beneath them.

When selecting a mountain flight operator, potential passengers are encouraged to look through the customer reviews, inquire about safety protocols, and consider the overall reputation of the airline. 

With any of these esteemed operators, a mountain flight in Nepal becomes not just a journey but a profound exploration of nature’s magnificence.


Cost and Experience of an Everest Flight in Nepal

A journey to the roof of the world comes with both a sense of awe and a practical consideration of costs. The price range for an Everest mountain flight in Nepal fluctuates between $170 and $240 per person. This range is contingent on several factors, primarily the choice of airline and the number of passengers opting for this beautiful adventure.

To understand the dynamics, it is crucial to note that the cost typically encompasses more than just the flight ticket. It also includes airport taxes, ensuring a transparent transaction that covers all necessary fees for a seamless experience. 

The duration of these mountain flights is a sweet spot, lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Within this relatively short timeframe, passengers are treated to an extraordinary visual grandeur of the Himalayas, a landscape that holds an indescribable attraction. The centerpiece of this panoramic display is none other than Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, standing majestically with other peaks- which looks just amazing!

As the aircraft gracefully navigates the Himalayan expanse, passengers witness a breathtaking tapestry of snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, and rugged terrain. The ever-changing play of light and shadows adds a dynamic quality to the scenery, making every moment a photographic masterpiece. It is not just a flight; it is a sensory involvement in the grandeur of nature.

In essence, the cost of an Everest mountain flight in Nepal transcends its monetary value. It is an investment in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

From the meticulous planning of logistics to the grand views of the Himalayas, every aspect is curated to provide an adventure that is of top-notch.


Everest Flight by Plane vs. Private Helicopter

Heading on an Everest adventure presents a delightful dilemma: choosing between the scenic splendor of a flight by plane and the exclusive luxury of a private helicopter ride. 

Each option holds its own unique attraction, and the decision ultimately rests on your preferences. 

Let us explore the key factors to help you navigate this choice:

  1. Cost:

Everest Flight by Plane:

More budget-friendly, providing an accessible option for those seeking a mesmerizing aerial adventure without a hefty cost.

Private Helicopter:

It comes with a higher cost due to the exclusivity and personalized service, catering to those willing to invest more for a private and luxurious journey.

  1. Group Experience:

Everest Flight by Plane:

Shared experience with fellow passengers, fostering a communal atmosphere ideal for sharing the excitement of witnessing the Himalayas together.

Private Helicopter:

It is more on the exclusive side. It offers privacy for friends, family, or a special someone. The entire helicopter is at your disposal, providing a more personal setting.

  1. Flexibility:

Everest Flight by Plane:

Operates on a fixed schedule, suitable for those who prefer a structured itinerary.

Private Helicopter:

Provides greater flexibility with departure times and the ability to customize the flight path, catering to those who want a tailored experience.

  1. Duration:

Everest Flight by Plane:

Typically shorter in duration, around 45 minutes to an hour. It is perfect for a condensed yet impactful adventure.

Private Helicopter:

Offers extended flight times, allowing for a more leisurely exploration of the Himalayan landscape, ideal for those who want to savor every moment.

  1. Accessibility:

Everest Flight by Plane:

It is more accessible due to its affordability and shared nature. It is suitable for solo travelers, couples, or small groups.

Private Helicopter:

It appeals to those seeking exclusivity and may be preferred by individuals or groups looking for a more personalized and lavish adventure.

In conclusion, the choice between an Everest flight by plane and a private helicopter ride hinges on your priorities, preferences, and budget. 

Both options promise an unforgettable journey over the Himalayas, offering a unique perspective that will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized by the world’s highest peaks.


Everest Flight by Plane Itinerary: A Journey to the Roof of the World

Beginning an Everest flight by plane is not just a travel experience. It is a voyage into the heart of the Himalayas, where each moment seems like a breathtaking spectacle. It will feel unreal. It will make you ecstatic!  

Here is an itinerary that promises to make your journey to the world’s highest peaks an unforgettable adventure:

Pre-Flight Preparation:

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Arrive in Kathmandu, the vibrant capital of Nepal, and settle into your accommodation.

Take the day to explore Kathmandu and its rich cultural tapestry.

Day 2: Briefing and Orientation

Attend a briefing session with your chosen airline, providing essential information about the Everest Mountain Flight.

Optionally, explore Kathmandu’s historical and UNESCO world heritage sites, such as Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath.

The Everest Flight Day:

Early Morning: Departure

Rise early for an exhilarating early morning departure to catch the sunrise over the Himalayas.

Transfer from your hotel to the domestic airport, where your Everest Flight adventure begins.

In the Air: Marveling at the Peaks

Board the plane and prepare for an inspiring journey that will feel unreal over the Himalayas. You will feel like you are in heaven!

Gaze out of the windows to witness the grandeur of Mount Everest and neighboring peaks.

Enjoy expert commentary from the pilot, providing insights into the geological and cultural significance of the region.

Flight Duration: 45 Minutes to 1 Hour

Experience the thrill of soaring through the mountainous landscape, capturing photographs of the world’s highest peaks.

Marvel at the ever-changing play of light and shadows on the terrain.

Post-Flight Delight:

After the Flight: Certificate and Celebration

Receive a flight certificate as a souvenir of your Everest Mountain flight.

Optionally, celebrate the successful journey with a post-flight breakfast or brunch.

Rest of the Day: Leisure or Exploration

Spend the rest of the day at leisure or explore more of Kathmandu’s cultural gems.

Reflect on the majestic Himalayan experience and share your adventure with fellow travelers.

Mountains to Marvel at During Everest Flight

Everest Flight by Plane is not just about witnessing the grandeur of Mount Everest. It is a visual feast that includes a panoramic display of other majestic peaks in the Himalayan range in Nepal. 

Here are some prominent mountains you can view during this extraordinary journey:

Mount Everest (Sagarmatha):

Undoubtedly the star of the show, Mount Everest, also known as Sagarmatha in Nepali, is the highest point on Earth. Gaze at its towering summit, standing proudly amidst the Himalayan expanse.


Adjacent to Everest, Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain globally and forms a breathtaking backdrop to the Everest experience. Its towering presence adds to the breadth taking landscape during the Everest Flight.


Nuptse has an elevation of 7,855 meters (25,771 feet). Nuptse is an impressive peak located in the vicinity of Mount Everest and is part of the stunning Himalayan range. It stands as a testament to the amazing beauty of the Himalayas.

Ama Dablam:

Known as the “Matterhorn of the Himalayas, it lies in the eastern Himalayan range of Koshi Province, Nepal. Ama Dablam is a visually striking mountain with its pointed summit and stunning ridges. Its unique shape makes it a standout feature during the flight.

Cho Oyu:

Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world, standing at 8,188 meters (26,864 feet) above sea level. It is located on the China-Tibet-Nepal border, 20 km west of Mount Everest. Cho Oyu commands attention with its massive bulk. Its proximity to Everest allows for a clear view of its impressive proportions.


Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world, standing at 8,485 meters (27,838 feet) above sea level. It adds to the spectacle with its four-sided pyramid shape. Its distinct appearance complements the diverse array of peaks visible during the flight.


Pumari means “Unmarried Daughter” in Sherpa language. Pumori is, located on the Nepal-Tibet border, about 8 km west of Mount Everes. It holds an elevation of 7,161 meters (23,494 feet). Pumori is a popular peak It is a stunning mountain that graces the landscape with its pyramid-shaped peak. It stands as a captivating companion to Everest.


Thamserku, with its twin peaks resembling a saddle, contributes to the visual symphony of the Himalayan panorama. It holds a prominent elevation of 6,608 meters (21,680 feet). It is located to the east of Namche Bazaar, just north of Kusum Kangguru. Its unique silhouette adds character to the surrounding mountains.

As you fly through the Himalayan skies during the Everest Flight, these mountains collectively create such grand visuals that it feels like you are holding attention as if by a spell.

It will, yes, feel unreal and like a dream to many. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the world’s most magnificent peaks in all their natural glory.

How to Book an Everest Mountain Flight from Kathmandu: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Everest Mountain Flight from Kathmandu is a thrilling adventure that promises breathtaking views of the Himalayas. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book this unforgettable experience:

  1. Research and Choose Your Preferred Travel Agency

Begin by researching the best travel agencies in Nepal that offer Everest Mountain flights. Consider factors such as safety records, customer reviews, and the overall experience provided.

At Himalayan Trekking and Tours, we manage the availability of Everest Mountain Flights on your desired date and time.

  1. Confirm Inclusions and Itinerary:

Check for inclusions like airport transfers, flight duration, guaranteed window seat, and any post-flight celebrations or certificates provided. 

All of which we provide at Himalayan Trekking and Tours.

  1. Verify Cost and Payment Options:

Confirm the total cost of the Everest Mountain Flight and check the available payment options. We at Himalayan Trekking and Tours ensure transparency in pricing, and you may inquire about any additional fees or taxes.

  1. Make a reservation:

Once satisfied with the details, proceed to make a reservation. This can typically be done online through our website ( or by contacting our reservations team directly- Phone (WhatsApp/Viber): +977 9851032316, Email: [email protected]

  1. Provide the necessary Information:

During the booking process, be prepared to provide necessary information, such as the number of passengers, names, and any special requests or preferences you may have.

  1. Confirm and Receive Booking Details:

After completing the reservation, you should receive confirmation of your booking. This confirmation will include essential details such as the flight date, time, meeting point, and any other relevant information.

  1. Arrange airport transfers:

Our airport transfers are included in the package. This will confirm the details and ensure that arrangements are made for a smooth transition from your hotel to the domestic airport in Kathmandu.

  1. Check Weather Conditions:

Leading up to your scheduled flight, keep an eye on the weather conditions in the region. Everest Mountain flights are weather-dependent, so it is very crucial to be aware of any potential changes.

  1. Prepare for the Experience:

In the days leading up to your Everest Mountain Flight, prepare for the experience. Charge your camera or smartphone for capturing the stunning views and dress comfortably for the altitude.

  1. Enjoy Your Everest Mountain Flight:

On the day of your flight, board the aircraft, secure your window seat, and get ready to begin an unforgettable journey over the Himalayas.

Booking an Everest Mountain Flight is a straightforward process, and by following these steps, you ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience with Himalayan Trekking and Tours. 


Included Amenities in Our Everest Mountain Flight Package

Our Everest Mountain Flight holds these inclusions:

Airport Transfers:

Hassle-free transfers from your hotel to the domestic airport. This ensures a smooth start to your Everest adventure.

Scenic Flight for an Hour:

An enchanting hour-long flight that unveils the beauty of the Himalayan range, featuring iconic peaks like Mount Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam.

Guaranteed Window Seat:

A promise of a window seat for every passenger, ensuring unobstructed views of the majestic mountains. Capture every breathtaking moment with your camera or smartphone.

Expert Commentary:

Engaging commentary from experienced pilots, providing valuable insights into the geological and cultural significance of the Himalayan region.

Flight Certificate:

A personalized flight certificate is presented to each passenger, commemorating their Everest Mountain Flight experience as a cherished memento.

Post-Flight Celebrations:

Optional post-flight celebrations, such as breakfast or brunch, allow you to reflect on the journey and share your experiences with fellow travelers.

Professional Staff Assistance:

Support from professional and friendly staff throughout the experience, ensuring your comfort and addressing any queries or concerns.

Photographic Opportunities:

There are ample opportunities to capture the stunning landscapes with your camera or smartphone, creating a visual diary of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Weather-Dependent Flexibility:

Flexibility in the schedule based on weather conditions. We maximize the chances of clear skies and optimal visibility to enhance your experience.

Comfortable Aircraft:

Travel in comfort aboard a well-maintained and modern aircraft, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Cultural Insights:

Gain cultural insights as you soar over the diverse landscapes, appreciating the unique heritage and traditions of the Himalayan region.

Our Everest Flight package at Himalayan Trekking and Tours goes beyond a simple flight; it’s a holistic experience that lets you in the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas, leaving you with memories that last a lifetime.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, it is suitable for different age groups.

The Everest Mountain Flight is designed to provide a comfortable and secure experience. So, yes, it is suitable for all ages. The aircraft is equipped for smooth flights, and many passengers with a fear of heights have found the enclosed environment of the plane reassuring.

Unfortunately, the aircraft used for the Everest Mountain Flight does not have restroom facilities. It’s recommended to use the restroom facilities at the airport before boarding.

Plan to arrive at least one hour before the scheduled departure time. This allows for a smooth check-in process and ensures that you have ample time for pre-flight preparations.

Yes, you can bring electronic devices. It’s advisable to fully charge your devices beforehand to capture the stunning views and share your experience on social media.

No, rather photography is highly encouraged! There are no restrictions, and passengers are invited to capture the breathtaking scenery. Remember to bring a high-quality camera or smartphone for the best results.


Safety is a top priority. The flight crew is trained to handle emergencies, and the aircraft is equipped with the necessary safety equipment. Passengers will be briefed on safety procedures before takeoff.

Unlike trekking at high altitudes, acclimatization is not necessary for the Everest Mountain Flight, as the aircraft maintains a comfortable cabin pressure. However, individuals with specific health concerns should consult their healthcare provider.

Small backpacks or handbags are usually allowed on board. However, due to space constraints, large or bulky luggage is not permitted. It is advisable to check with the airline for specific guidelines.

Typically, the Everest Mountain Flight does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi services. Enjoy the experience by disconnecting from the digital world and involve yourself in the natural beauty of the Himalayas.