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Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal

The Kailash Trek via Simikot is quite a spiritual trip that takes you to Tibet's legendary Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar via Simikot

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    Trip Duration 18 Days

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    Max, Altitude 5660 Meters

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    Type Pilgrimage Tour

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    Best Season Sept - May

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    Meals Included

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    Accommodation Guest House

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    Activity Tour and Hike

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    Difficulty Strenuous

The Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal is quite a spiritual trip that takes you to Tibet’s legendary Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar via Simikot. Through the concealed Humla valley in Nepal’s western most Tibetan frontiers, off you go.

In fact, the people out there in Humla are very humble. Starting our tour from Simikot offers some great trekking experience. We encourage this trip to people who want to explore the Buddhist traditions and culture. Not to mention, the trip gives immense peace and happiness with a sense of spirituality that comes with it.

Immersive Experience on Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal

Our adventure begins in Simikot and takes us on an incredible journey along the stunning Zangpo River towards Mount Kailash. As we trek around the holy mountain, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture and traditional way of life.

The ‘kora’ trek is a sacred pilgrimage for many locals and is a truly unforgettable experience. We will witness breathtaking landscapes and meet friendly locals who will share their customs and traditions with us.

This immersive experience will allow us to connect with the natural world and gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of Mount Kailash. We will be able to appreciate the beauty of the region and learn about the history and mythology surrounding this holy mountain.

Saga Dawa Festival: A Cultural Extravaganza on Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal

Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal begins in the town of Simikot, and from there, we’ll follow the majestic Zangpo River as we make our way to Mount Kailash. The trek around the holy mountain, known as the ‘kora’, is a special experience that allows us to immerse ourselves in the local culture and traditional way of life.

During our journey on Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal, we will have the chance to meet the friendly locals and learn about their customs and traditions. The landscapes we’ll encounter are truly breathtaking, and we will have the opportunity to connect with the natural world in a profound way.

The ‘kora’ trek is a sacred pilgrimage for many, and as we make our way around Mount Kailash, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of its spiritual significance. We will also have the chance to learn about the history and mythology surrounding this holy mountain, making this an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Trip Highlights of Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal

  • Mt. Kailash and Kora (56km trail) around the mountain
  • The mesmerizing Manasarovar Lake on this spiritual journey
  • Visit Natural Hot Springs, Old Monasteries, Tibetan Medical School at Darchen
  • Hiking in Nepal’s most amazing remote yet, beautiful place of Karnali valley
  • The rich Tibetan Buddhist culture
  • Various flora and fauna of the region

Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. The trekking actually kicks off after you fly to Simikot from Nepalgunj. In fact, you will start your trek to Dharapuri on the same day that you land at Nepalgunj.

It’s a 3 hours trek which is enough for the day as you will need some rest. It is on Day 10 when you finally reach Lake Mansarovar where you can get a clear view of Mount Kailash.

Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal is an unforgettable trek into Tibet and Nepal. Also, make sure to check if it is the best time to travel to Tibet before booking the trip.

Fulfill your lifelong ambitions for adventure and spiritual gratification. If you are ready to begin an adventure of a lifetime, contact Himalayan Trekking today for your epic Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal.

We can help you plan and find the perfect trek itinerary that is compatible with your experiences and preferences!

For now, check our fixed itinerary below for the Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal and get in touch so that we can tailor-make the itinerary based on your specifications.

Itinerary of Kailash Trek Via Simikot Nepal

Short Itinerary Detailed Itinerary

Arrival in Kathmandu International Airport/ Meeting and greeting you by our tour leader & transfer to hotel/ Tour Briefing about the Kailash Trek Via Simikot. Then, overnight at the hotel in Kathmandu

Today, you will visit many cultural heritages, which includes some of the famous world’s heritages like Pashupatinath, Swyambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bouddhanath stupa. These beautiful historical monasteries have their own story behind each of it. So, its really interesting to know about it. As in Kathmandu there are various traditional attires, which you would love to wear it, so you can do shopping. And will head back to hotel for overnight.

We will take late afternoon flight to Nepalgunj about an hour. Nepalgunj is far west crowded city. This city is close to India. It is low elevation with hot weather, this is why we manage late afternoon flight. Then we will head to hotel, get refreshed and roam around during night as the climate is perfect at that time. Overnight at Hotel.

An early morning, we will take another domestic flight for Simikot/Humla. Simikot is district head quarter of the Humla. Flight goes through stunning and an adventurous above high hills and sometime between big hills. After get off from the aircraft, we continue our destination Dharapuri. Then we will trek passing through field of buck wheat, barley, wheat & potatoes. We at first hour rocky trail hills of Simikot & then steeply down through blue pine forest, as second hour but trail is wide. The last hour walking is almost flat & left down river is shouting you which called Karnali River. It is one of the biggest and longest river in Nepal which follows from west to east.

Today, we will trek to kermi, we need to walk today about four to five hour. Then we will make lunch camp at Kermi and after having lunch we will trek, while trekking we will pass by the forests and sometimes able to view wild animals as well. Today we encounter with a beautiful waterfall & we do follow Karnali river. It is really amazing scenery of the trip. Late afternoon will visit hot spring, about 30 minutes above your camping ground.

Then will continue our trek from Kermi to Albang monastery. For that we pass by scenic trail along the peaches tress & big pine forest. At first hour will be sunny, we can see the Api & Saipal Himal & beautiful valley as well if weather is permitted. We will have lunch in between around Salle Khola then will continue for today’s campsite. Trail is wide & partly built off road, and will head forward where another trail goes to Limi Valley, down from the top for Albang Monastery.

Today after breakfast, we will go scenic villages as usual, village like Anger, Muchu. Muchu village is available mostly for phone services & a check post. Muchu is one of the biggest villages of our trip trail. Normally people reach to the campsite little early which allows washing dirty stuffs & taking bath into the river. Enjoy cold Lhasa beer and other soft drinks from local tea shops.

After leaving the camp of Tumkot Khola, we will head crossing suspension bridge and climb up hill about an hour. Trail gradually ascends today and starts wind too. The Landscape are seen barren and we can see a good view of Mount Saipal too. Then we leave left hand side below a big Yari village which is picturesque village. We can have tremendous pictures. We will be camping just below of the Nara La pass which will be quite cold.

Today, we wake up earlier than previous day because better to cross the Nara La pass before it gets wind. Normally, camp to the top {pass} takes 2 hour then go to Hilsa border next three hours. Just behind the pass from where we can see the land of Tibet with barren valley. And the opposite side can be seen big hill where trail fallows for the Limi valley. Next side of the Hilsa where our crew from Tibet, waiting to us. The drive to Purang will take about half an hour.

After breakfast will drive to Manasarovar Lake. Manasarovar Lake is one of the biggest Lake situated in high altitude of Tibetan plateau. Thousands of pilgrimages every year come to take holy bath in Manasarovar Lake. We will have enough time to explore Chui gumba and hot spring near the Lake. The clear view of Mount Kailash is also seen from Manasarovar.

We drive to Darchen -foot of the mount Kailash- Darchen town & also Tibetan medicine center as well as big city in Kailash area. We repack our bags here to leave some at hotel and carry minimum at our 3 days kailash Parikrama/ Kora. This is also the place to fix personal horse and helper for Kailash kora. This is in case of you need, but normally fit peoples do not need. You also can buy some dry foods for 3 days trekking.

Start Mt. Kailash Kora Today, we start Mount Kailash kora from Darchen. Our first 6 kilometer distant is driving with our regular transportation and rest of 14 kilometer is easy trekking. We will carry only certain and important camping stuffs which is carried by Yaks or by helper. Reach north face of Kailash, Derapuk.

Second day Mount Kailash Kora from Derapuk. We start earlier today to reach Juthulpuk. Today is tough day of the trip which takes 8 to 9 hours walking. Gradually up hills is the hard part until reaching Dolma La pass. After Dolma la, trekking path immediately start downhill. Reach at Juthulpuk for overnight.

Exploration of Juthulpuk Monastery at morning. Start trekking again for about 3 hours up to near Darchen and drive with our own driving crew to Horchu near Lake Manasarovar. Explore and take rest more than half day timing.

Drive toward Nepal from different road. Drive in well paved road provides scenic landscape of Tibetan plateau. Typical settlement of local Tibetan villages are also passing through our driving. Reach Saga town, another big city after Darchen and overnight.

After breakfast we begin our journey towards Kerung. On the way we pass through the town of Saga, we cross the bridge over beautiful Brahmaputra River and continue our journey across the vast open Tibetan plains. The journey offers stunning Himalayan views, particularly of Shishapangma and the Pieko-Tso Lake. Driving on well pitched roads and mountainous terrain we reach Kerung for an overnight. Stay in a guesthouse.

After breakfast drive from Kerung towards we walk to the Nepalese immigration control in Rasuwagadi, complete the re-entry formalities and get transferred to our hotel in Kathmandu. This should take about 7-8 hours by bus. Dinner and night stay will be in the guesthouse. 

Our tour leader transfer you to the Kathmandu International Airport in time for your flight and help you get on board for your onward destinations with lots of memories of Kailash Trek Via Simikot.

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May to June marks the prime season for this expedition, offering optimal weather conditions and favorable trekking terrain.

Discover Tirthapuri’s rejuvenating hot springs, the historical sites of Tholing and Tsaparang from the Guge Kingdom, enhancing the expedition’s cultural depth.

The highest point is 5660 meters, granting a breathtaking view of the landscape. The trek gradually ascends, allowing for acclimatization and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience at high altitudes.

The tour involves trekking, sightseeing, and cultural immersion. It offers visits to significant landmarks like Mount Kailash, the ‘kora’ trek around the mountain, interactions with locals, visits to ancient monasteries, and exploring the rich Tibetan Buddhist culture.

It’s classified as strenuous due to high altitude and long trekking durations. However, the itinerary is well-paced, allowing for gradual adaptation to altitude and ensuring participants’ safety and comfort.

While the trek is labeled as strenuous due to its duration and altitude, it’s designed to be accessible to trekkers with moderate fitness levels. It’s crucial to prepare physically beforehand and acclimatize gradually during the journey. The tour offers a well-paced itinerary to ensure a manageable trekking experience for most participants.

Accommodations throughout the trek are in guesthouses along the route, ensuring a comfortable resting place after each day’s trek. Meals are included and typically consist of locally prepared food, offering a taste of traditional Nepali and Tibetan cuisine. Vegetarian options are usually available, but specific dietary preferences should be communicated in advance.

Altitude acclimatization is a key consideration. The trek is structured to allow gradual ascent, providing ample time for the body to adjust to higher altitudes. Adequate rest, hydration, and following the guidance of experienced guides are essential to manage altitude-related challenges effectively.

Respect for local customs is highly encouraged. Participants are advised to dress modestly, seek permission before taking photographs, and be mindful of local traditions and taboos. Learning a few basic greetings or phrases in the local language can also be appreciated by the locals and enhances the cultural experience.