Tibet Visa

Tibet Visa

Tibet is the major tourist hub of South Asia. Many tourist go to the top roof of the World to enchants an make their heart and Soul to purify with the beauty of the Tibet, China. From Nepal is many people want to go this Himalayan place. Nepal has been the major gateway to reach the Tibet. From Nepal, they gets the chance to visit the Nepal and Tibet. Due to this reason many people prefer to go go from Nepal. You can easily enter Tibet via two ways

By taking flights from Kathmandu
By road trip to Kodari from Kathmandu
For entering to the Tibet, one has to apply for Group Tourist Visa(a kind of single entry visa) at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Note : If you are entering from Nepal.


First things that you must remember while going to Tibet from Nepal. The itinerary and tour services confirmation with a local tour company, like Himalayan Trekking Company (www.himalayantrekking.com) is essential. We can apply for the visa on your behalf. It is essential to mail mail the scanned copy of passports to the tour company in Lhasa. Then, Tour company in Lhasa will receive the Tibet Travel Permit and visa invitation letter issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. This process will complete within 5-7 days.


Reach the Kathmandu, our guide will be there to welcome your to Nepal. Reach at least two days before the working days. Visit Kathmandu valley and give us your passport and visa service fee we will do all your work and visit freely.


Normal: 3 working days;
Urgent: 2 working days;
Top Urgent: 1 working day
The working day refers to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
As your Visa is issued, we will deliver your visa and permit to you. then be ready for the Wonderful Tibet Tour from Kathmandu, Nepal. The agency delivers the issued visa to your hotel in Kathmandu. Take following documents:

Chinese Visa,
photocopies of the Tibet Travel Permit and
the application form while entering the Tibet.
1.For Tibet Travel Permit, Tibet Tourism Bureau rejects the individual applications . So, it is essential to apply via travel agent. If you apply on your own, your visa application will be rejected.

  1. You can visit both Tibet and Mainland China. Your visa is only for maximum 30 days.
  2. Remember that the group visa is a special type of visa to Tibet. One can get the New Chinese visa before another expires.