Upper Dolpo Trek Highlights

: 2023-06-19

Last Updated : 2023-12-10

Situated between the Tibetan Plateau and the Dhaulagiri ranges, Upper Dolpo is the most remote, the least exposed and the less explored region of Nepal.  Due to its difficult topography, Dolpo has stayed isolated for ages.Its isolation and difficult topography with high passes have caused no any tourist facilities. But the rugged trails, untouched and unspoiled beauty of nature along with their ancient culture has successfully gained international attention and now, more people are visiting this paradise every year. Stepping into this region is like stepping into a new world with Tibetan like the culture of people and awe-inspiring natural sceneries. If one has a sound physical condition and willing to go on the most difficult treks then, Upper Dolpo Trek shall be a perfect choice. This solitary region has a lot to offer to its visitors catering the following highlights:

1. Phoksundo Lake

Shey Phoksudo Lake is the jewel of Upper Dolpo with aquamarine greenish-blue water. This fresh clear water goes up to 145 meters down making it the deepest lake of Nepal. Shey Phoksundo lies within the Shey  Phoksundo National Park which is the largest park of Nepal. The water changes its color quite often throughout the different times of the day. The astounding beauty of the lake increases even more when one sees the soaring snow-capped mountains surrounding the lake. And there is a distant village on the southern end of the lake called Ringmo which further enriches the appearance of the whole system.

2. High Passes

High passes are the ones that make this trek a very adventurous and an electrifying one. There are many passes above 5000m such as; Kangla 5350m, Sela 5095m, Muri La 5030m, Mola  5030m, and Ghami La 5450m. Encountering these treks and then conquering them is an amazing experience for which trekkers choose Upper Dolpo as their destiny. The panoramic views of the clear Himalayas, landscapes, and the cool breeze refresh every trekker. The reward for completing these passes is greater than the difficulty of climbing it. That is why; high passes are one of the major excitement for trekkers in this journey.

3. Contrasting Landscapes

Your journey shall begin from Kathmandu and ends at Upper Dopo region. You will witness a great contrast of landscape throughout your journey.  The lower Dolpo accompanies lush vegetation, beautiful valleys, and verdant forests of pines, rhododendrons, and Oaks whereas; the Upper Dolpo is mostly barren with deserted landscape giving a sense of Tibetan land.  The fluttering flags at the high passes, snow-capped peaks, and the diverse geography also give a sense adventure and excitement.
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4. Highland Villages

The villages at high altitudes are very solitary and unique in their cultures. Their isolation makes them special and interesting. Similarly, in Dolpo the highland villages like Shey, Saldang, Nisal, Simen, Tinje and Chharka have their own significance. Camping and trekking through these places and getting to know the welcoming people along with their lifestyle and culture are very delighting experiences that travelers share.

5.    Century-old Bon and Buddhist Monasteries

The Upper Dolpo region is enriched with the most authentic cultures and traditions. A century-old Bon and Buddhist monasteries are the other attractions of the journey. There are many century-old Buddhist monasteries such as; Bon Tsova Monastery, Shey Gompa, Tsskang Gompa, Samye Choeling Gompa, Yangjer Gompa. This region is believed to be blessed by a great holy man and more profound of Tibetan Buddhism Guru Rinpoche. These colorful monasteries, beautiful festivals, and the welcoming locals make this trek worth for every trekker.
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