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Luxury Tours

The Luxury Tours in Nepal has been exceptionally popular in recent days in Nepal. Each explorer who is heading out to new places needs to make the most out of the trip and with luxury being a significant priority. Therefore, Nepal Luxury Tour Packages are there for you. During the Luxury Nepal Tour, you get the opportunity to encounter the wonderful cultural life of Nepali people, their lifestyle, and the fellowship among them. Everything appears to be charming and lovely. Furthermore, the best thing about Luxury Nepal Tour is that you don’t need to compromise with anything. Luxuriousness will be the major priority no matter what. Luxury Nepal Tours gives an awesome opportunity to you to appreciate picturesque natural beauties, explore old authentic historical sites, and enjoy wildlife in a sumptuous way.

Nepal is an ultimate mountain country. Therefore, go for gold and head out on the high-octane ways to Everest or take a more slow pace to investigate the Himalayas and its stunning landscape. In Kathmandu discover Buddhist priests imploring at minuscule temples or explore ornate stupas in the valley, spotted around World Heritage sights like gems in a crown. 

No other nation in the world can match along with Nepal’s dramatic scenery.  It is home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest 8,848 meter. Furthermore, the majestic Himalayan range commands it more elegantly. Likewise, Nepal consists of 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley alone. However, the majority of them are ancient temples or palace complexes that show remarkable craftsmanship. Likewise, the impeccable thangkas, gold-painted stupas, and intricate carvings reflect the Nepalis’ unpredictable mix of religious beliefs and traditions. 

Up in the slopes around Kathmandu are the exquisite provincial retreats of Dhulikhel and Nagarkot, impeccable two-night escapes from the city. Further west, lies the beautiful Pokhara city, the tourist hub of Nepal. The serene Lake Phewa, and the splendid background scene of Mount Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) ornaments this popular city. While, toward the south, on the grass fields of the Terai, lies Chitwan National Park, where guests enjoy elephant-back rides looking for tigers or one-horned rhinos. The heavenly town of Lumbini, with its well-known bodhi tree, is the presumed origination of Buddha and is an incredible journey site.

Nepal Luxury Tour

Whenever people talk about the delightful spots to travel, Nepal certainly grabs the spotlight. Nepal Luxury Tour Package is the ideal opportunity to witness the exquisite landscape of Nepal without compromising your comfort. Likewise, your interaction with the wildlife and visit to the heritages sites resurrects out the voyaging persona of yourself. Nepal is a nation with topological variety and explorers sometime may find it difficult to travel Nepal.

Nepal Luxury Tour Packages are in your salvage. The troublesome territory and landscape are all reachable using luxury. There are varieties of Nepal Luxury Tour packages to investigate Nepal. However, what isolates the Luxury Tours Package from others is the solace and class it gives during the excursion. Therefore, for any luxury seeker, Nepal Luxury Tour Package takes you beyond your expectations. There are different appealing areas with various day alternatives which make your voyaging experience memorial and fun. You get the opportunity to explore the popular areas of Nepal including Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, and Kathmandu. Luxury Tours in Nepal incorporate Jungle Safari, Day Hiking, and Short Treks.

Though Luxury Tours doesn’t mean all about travel. It is also about arranging the lavish hotels, great food, and the management of comfortable transportation. Exploring Nepal through Luxury Tours is a choice you will never lament in your life.

Some of the Nepal Luxury Tour includes

Short Luxury Tour in Nepal

This 2 nights 3 days, Short Luxury Tour in Nepal is a popular luxury package that takes you to the Heritage Site of Kathmandu. For the history aficionados and culture enthusiasts, who are in short of time and yet want to explore the history and culture of Nepal, this Short Luxury Tour is the most ideal choice. This short trip provides you a deeper knowledge of the historical site of Nepal. Furthermore, the tour plunges you into the beauty of arts, ancient architecture, and artifacts of Nepal. Likewise, the tour also explores the religious practices and traditional cultures of the capital city of Nepal. 

Kathmandu Valley with Nagarkot Hill Luxury Tour

This 5 days Tour is also a popular luxury tour in Nepal. Kathmandu Valley with Nagarkot Hill Luxury Tour is a mixture that explores the heritage sites of Kathmandu and offers the majestic Himalayan range from Nagarkot Hill station. If you have a short time but yet at the same time want to unveil the hidden beauties of the old city of Nepal then this tour is best for you. So get ready to plunge into the ocean of arts, culture, and religious vibes of Kathmandu valley with this spectacular tour. Likewise, appreciate the encompassing perspective on Himalaya from the rustic setting of Nagarkot Hill station. Therefore, Kathmandu Valley with Nagarkot Hill Luxury Tour is the perfect tour to discover arts, architecture, culture, history of Nepal along with fantastic views on the Himalayas.

Family Luxury Tour in Nepal

As many travelers from the world choose Nepal as their Family Tours destination, so Nepal offers the varieties of Family Tours too. If you are a nature lover, history devotee, and culture vulture, the Luxury Tour of Kathmandu, Nagarkot, and Pokhara is the most ideal choice for you. 7 days 6 nights Family Luxury Tour takes you to the three major destinations of Nepal.  That is Kathmandu, Nagarkot, and Pokhara. While Kathmandu offers the popular World Heritage sites like Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, and more. On the other hand, the spectacular city Pokhara offers phenomenal views of the majestic mountains. The itinerary of this luxury tour is designed in such a way that it covers major parts of Nepal that can be done with family members.

Best Selling Luxury Tour

7 Nights 6 Days Luxury Tour is the Best Selling Luxury Tour in Nepal. This tour takes you to the famous cities of Nepal including Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Nagarkot. This tour also takes you to the historical and cultural sites of Kathmandu. Kathmandu alone holds the 7 UNESCO world heritage sites which preserve the arts and architecture of Nepal till today. Likewise, Chitwan the oldest National Park of Nepal is also a UNESCO world heritage site that preserves endangered wildlife. Furthermore, the city of lakes Pokhara offers spectacular views of the mountains including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Macchhapuchhre, and more.

During Nepal 7 Nights 6 Days Luxury Tour to Kathmandu, Pokhara Chitwan, and Nagarkot, you will go touring around Swayambhunath The temple is also popular as The  Monkey Temple. Furthermore, the tour also explores Kathmandu Durbar Square and visits various famous landmarks of Nepal enjoying the Best Selling Luxury Tour in Nepal.

Nepal Luxury Trekking

Have you ever combined the trip with adventure and luxury? If yes, then without a doubt you know the advantages of this sort of excursion. If you haven’t then you ought to go for it at least once in your lifetime. Therefore, Nepal provides the combination of the trekking with the luxurious accommodation in the high Himalayas region. Nepal, also popular as the paradise for trekkers, offers such a lovely opportunity to go for these two awesome experiences at a time. 

Luxury Packages are normally designed according to the customer’s interest. Customers who wish to experience the mountains despite the shortage of time lean toward these packages. However, you may opt for shorter trips as well. But you need to acclimatize as well. In this way, you will likewise get a decent taste of the traveling experience as well as appreciate bird’s-eye perspectives on the mountains. All the packages are made according to the interest of the customer and their groups. 

Accommodation in 5-star lodges at a higher altitude, eating in probably the best hotel, the best tourists bus,  helicopter-tour, and totally new and unique experience; luxury packages endeavor them all.

Nepal Luxury Trekking is done mostly in the Everest and Annapurna region and is probably the best walking experience. You trek across the twisting path in the mountains and ultimately reach the overnight destination to appreciate the solace of luxury accommodation. Blending these two quite different experiences into one unquestionably creates a memorable experience in your life.

Some of Nepal Luxury Trekking includes:

Everest Base Camp 

A standout amongst other luxury treks in Nepal, Everest Base Camp offers an excellent trekking experience with the Everest Region. Inclining altogether on Mount Everest, the Everest Base Camp is the most famous trekking destination for Luxury Trekking. With this luxury package, you will altogether encounter nature, the hospitality, the best perspectives on the mountains, in style. The all-encompassing perspectives on the mountains, Everest Base Camp helicopter visit with landing, and the luxury at the retreats are the major features of this package. Arriving at the boutique lodgings don’t demand additional exertion and are mostly on the way. 

However, this luxury trek also includes some short treks. This trek provides you the experience of the trails and also helps in acclimatization. Discovering the Everest region turns into an experience in style. This is a short and lovely luxurious trek that explores the region of Everest.

Annapurna Base Camp

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is likewise another popular destination in Nepal. Likewise. It is one of the delightful mountain ranges. The trip acquaints you with various natural, tropical, and cultural aspects. You can also customize your excursions to suit your time and wish. You will likewise travel to Pokhara, a popular tourist hub and there are a lot of ways to enjoy yourself in this city. 

There is a wide scope of luxury hotels in Pokhara and you will stay in the best hotel during this trip. Modifying your trip, you can decide to get around this city in tourist transports and be familiar with the best accommodation.